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    Walter G

    Hi all. I have a 10 yr. old beagle mix. She will not eat dry dog food. Only canned and moist. We are just about out of her canned and it seems all the local stores are out of stock. So I’m starting to panic.

    I’ve looked on-line for various ideas and recipes and am getting confused as to “safe” ingredients. One web site says “no corn”, so I find a recipe using corn. Another says “no salt” so I find a recipe using beef bullion cubes. Another says “no potato skins, so I find a recipe that says “cut up a whole potato, including skins.” And on and on.

    I will go with the safe instructions. But my question is…is there a web site that I can trust for correct/safe ingredients I can use? I don’t plan on making homemade food permanently, just ’til I can get her regular food.

    I made a hamburger stew and she loved it.
    Fried ground beef..fat drained and rinsed.
    shredded white potato, peeled.
    shredded carrot, peeled.
    diced butternut squash.
    green beans, chopped.
    Cooked in a crockpot ’til soft and mushy.

    P.S. Anyone know anything about black beans. I read to use dry not canned. I’m planning on adding some to some different stew I’d like to try.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Walter,
    you sound like your doing pretty OK, are you on face Book?? look at Monica Segal group called “K-9 Kitchen” also go onto “Judy Morgan DVM” f/b page look at Judy Video’s she has a few easy to make cooked meal video’s….
    a good way to balance a dog diet is add 1-2 spoon of tin Sardines or Salmon spring water or oil to one of the meals a day, Salmon & Sardines are high in
    Vitamin- A, E, D, C, B-3, B-6, B-12, EPA, DHA & ALA, Calcium, Selenium, Iodine, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Folate, Niacin, Riboflavin, Potassium…..

    Whole Dog Journal best 2017 approved canned dog food was “Lotus” they only make a few foods they have a cannary they built themselves & operate themselves or cook your own meals & freeze small meals is best to do.. http://www.lotuspetfoods.com/for-dogs/I

    I wouldnt have a clue about any beans, I avoid any ingredients that may cause any wind pain, farts diarrhea etc for my IBD dog, I feed ingredients- broccoli, carrot, kale, parsely, sweet potato, spinach, potato, apple, rock melon, water melon, all peeled etc

    I buy 2kg=2lb of lean 5 star human beef & lean pork mince, I use either the beef mince or the pork mince, I add 1 whisked egg, 1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley, 3 small broccoli heads chopped, 1 peel carrot grated, 2-3 small asian spinach leaves chopped & 1-2 Kale leaves, mix all together, it’s good to have your own veggie patch, then I get a 1/2 a cup measuring cup & make 1/2 a cup size rissole & place on a oven tray thats covered with foil then I put the rissole balls in the oven cook for 15mins take out & drain any fat water, I turn over the rissoles & bake another 15mins & they are normally really as long as no blood is coming out they’re cooked, then I cool then I freeze rissoles in singlely wrapped in cling wrap & I also boil sweet potato & cool & freeze the sweet potato keeps well in the freezer…
    I also buy either tin Tuna or salmon in spring water drain the spring water & add some boil potato & thats lunch or I scramble 2 eggs & thats lunch for Patch also whatever I cook for myself I make some for Patch & the cat aswell as long as there’s no onoins & ingredients dogs cant eat…

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    Sheila H

    I have our third Shiba Inu with multiple allergies. I had to resort to home cooking with her but this has turned out easier than one would think and requires a simple list of ingredients and no crockpot. I got the recipe from “Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets,” by Donald R. Strombeck, DVM, PhD. He has a website: http://www.dogcathomeprepareddiet.com. Because he is a vet and has been doing this for so long I trust him implicitly.
    She also has a heart valve problem and has successfully lost the required amount of weight on this diet. I am now keeping it as maintenance.
    I use his “Poultry Meat and Boiled Rice Diet (low fat).” I make her food twice a week and store it in a large zip loc bag. it uses rice, ground cooked chicken and a few beneficial additives (salt substitute, bone meal powder, salt). You could easily add veggies you know your dog can handle, but I feed mine a separate bowl of frozen, slightly thawed in the microwave (50 sec), cut green beans. Our dog is on a weight loss diet and the beans in the extra bowl of food perk her up for very few calories.
    I buy prepared rice which comes in 2 cups per bag, and cooks for 90 seconds in the microwave. I cook a large breast of chicken, usually larger than the 6 ounces the recipe specifies, but I increase the other ingredients accordingly. She gets fed three times a day, and also gets a pet multi-vitamin and half a Dasuquin as treats.
    Her allergies are under control her coat looks good and I don’t have to read the fine print on can labels.
    She is at her desired weight of 20 pounds. She receives 3/4 cup chicken-rice mixture and 1 cup of cup of green beans three times a day.
    You can go crazy with every idea on the internet. Trust a vet who has devoted his life to this service.
    Good luck

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    I would also like to add that the K9 nutrition Facebook page is a good resource. Lots of different types of feeders are on there and have done their methods for decades

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    Walter G

    Sorry, Don’t do Facebook.

    As for the beans… https://ultimatehomelife.com/can-dogs-eat-beans/

    Been using this web site for “honest” information.

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    Great website on home food prep. Thanks.
    We are doing something close. See my question today about multi-vitamins…

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