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    Hi all,
    We are new to raw and have been feeding our Littles ground raw (with bone) because I am SUPER paranoid about them choking! We had a choking incident recently (before the raw switch) and I am really concerned that it will happen again. I have seen a lot of recommendations for chicken necks, wings, legs etc. However, I am not comfortable with these as my Cairn has really strong jaws and is famous for chomping and gulping things down when he can. (He’s the one who had the choking scare).

    I really would like to give them RMB’s whole, for all the obvious benefits, and have been considering the following:
    – Chicken backs; all ribs removed
    – Turkey necks – though turkey is hard to come by where I live so this may not be an option
    – Oxtails; uncut

    I would really appreciate any recommendations / feedback in this area especially from other raw feeders with smaller dogs, as I am super nervous about it and will be watching them like a hawk when I do become brave enough to let them try it.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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