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    I have a three year old cockapoo, Charlie. He has been eating Blue Buffalo Grain Free Turkey and Potato for awhile now. He loves it, and that is saying a lot because he is super picky. This is the first food that he would scarf as soon as we put it in front of him. He has been having issues with yeast and dermatitis. We decided to have him allergy tested. I got the results back a few days ago. He is allergic to fish mix, potato, wheat, and green beans. He is borderline on lamb, venison, oats, beets, apple, banana, and tomato. I had fed him a trial of lamb at one point and he reacted by turning bright red on his underbelly. So, I think that is more of an allergy than something that is borderline. I want to avoid feeding him anything that is on his borderline list. I am having a hard time finding him a commercial dog food. For the last few days, I have cooked for for him. I just used things that I had in the house. I used eggs, brown rice, carrots, and pumpkin. He loved it. I am not opposed to cooking for him, but I want to make sure that he is getting the right vitamins. I am not even sure what amount to feed him if I am cooking for him. I have two other cockapoos with no allergy issues or health problems. They are also on the Blue Buffalo Grain Free Turkey and Potato. Since they are doing well, I will keep them on it. I just really need advice on what to do with Charlie! Any tips would really be appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    May I ask how do they do the allergy test, is it just a blood test or do u have to feed the dog certain foods & see if they react…

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    If you’re not opposed to cooking for him, I’d highly recommend getting into a raw diet. I believe there are several brands of raw foods on here which already contain the proper amount of nutrients/supplements. The Honest Kitchen is one that I’m thinking of right now… I’d definitely check out the raw forums on here so you can get an idea. It’s very very overwhelming and confusing at first, but after a few days of researching and then a few weeks of perfecting your recipes, you’ll be good to go!
    My favorite part about the raw diet is you know /exactly/ what goes into it. No more looking at long ingredient labels, or wondering “hmm…where was this protein sourced from?”

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    Sue66b…Yes, the vet took a blood sample and sent it off to a special lab for testing. It tells you what they are allergic to, and even things that are borderline allergies. Now, we just have to figure out what to feed him!
    Shasta220, I’m not sure that I want to go raw, but I am seriously considering cooking for my dog. I have a frien who has traveled down this road. We spent a long time talking about home cooking. I feel more confident that I can do this now. ;0)

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    One way to help your dog with allergic reactions is to improve the efficiency of your dog’s digestive system by increasing the amount of friendly bacteria in the gut. I would recommend to use a product such as this one: http://bestdogremedies.com/product/bionic-biotic-supplement-to-stop-itching-and-scratching/

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    Try Natural Balance Limited Ingredient. I have my dog with food allergies on this and she does very well. It isn’t as highly rated, but she actually won’t eat the higher ranked foods!

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