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    Margaret C

    Hello. First, I apologize, I probably shouldn’t start a post to get help but I do not know what else to do. I’m sure the answer is right in front of my face but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to reply to one of these topics – Galliprant discussion to be exact. Could someone please advise me how or if I am missing a help section on use.
    I came across the forum while looking for more information regarding Galliprant. My dog, a 95 pound Catahoula, 9 years old, start having problems with his gait and limping approximately 6 mos. ago. It seemed to me to come on overnight but perhaps I wasn’t giving him enough attention as we had our 16 year old Border collie die recently and I thought his lameness was depression from her being gone.
    Two months ago, the vet started Blue on Gabapentin and Carprofen. He did appear to be much more comfortable, however, his liver enzymes were slightly elevated and the vet thought Galliprant was a by far much better choice.
    He appears to me to not be getting any relief at all from the Galliprant. That is contrary to everything I have come across though and that seems odd.
    I’m up here at 1:30 am in the morning wondering if I can give him something more. I guess the best thing would be to call the vet in the morning, which, of course, I can do. However, if they want me to bring him back in, that is going to be really tough. I love my dog so much, I probably would but then no Christmas for the grandkids or car registration paid. These last few months with x-rays, blood work, appointments, whew. Anyways, not hear to complain.
    What I think at this point would be best is to go back to the carprofen and gabapentin – it’s been three weeks on this and he can barely get up on the couch or bed, he slipped today and he also is doing the bunny hop. I am so worried about him. It tears me up. He used to love to go on walks and ride in the car. He got so excited tonight I took him in the car for the 2nd time today but then he looked to be in pain. Any suggestions or comments would be so appreciated.

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    Margaret, go to thje bottom of the post, there is a blank box. Type in it then click “submit” in the lower right corner. If you want email notifications, click the “notify me of follow-up replies via email”to the left of the submit.

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    Hi Margaret,
    my boy just turned 9 a few weeks ago & about 5-6 months ago I started using a heat wheat pack you put in microwave for 1-2 mins, he has a weird spiral thin bone with nerve endings from his spine growing out of the top of his left back leg, the vets working that day said they have never seen anything like it before, we found it by accident when he had a xray for stones blockage, he doesnt seem to have any arthritis but after he wees & poos he kicks his back legs sometimes & then that’s only when he starts his limping & walks very slowly, I’ve been telling him “No Kick” after he poo’s & he’s been better…I see a Phsiotherapist fortnightly & he puts a heat pack on my lower back & neck/shoulders for about 20mins then I have a gentle massage & what a difference this makes also stretching excerises really help as well, so I started applying a heat pack to Patches left leg lower back side after he limps home, then I give him a very gentle massage & I do streching exicises to his back legs while he’s laying on his side, he’s been doing really well since I started doing Physiotherapy on him it’s made a big diffence & he’s been doing really well lately & he hasn’t been walking home slowly anymore…
    Ask your vet if he knows someone that does “dog physio” also swimming is really good for stiff bones & sore joints can you take him to a doggy heated pool, my Patch was presribed Gabapentin for his IBD pain & this weird spiral bone when vet found it, the Gabapentin made him sleep I don’t like giving him any drugs or joint supplements he has IBD/stomach & reacts to alot of things plus I don’t know if the Gabapentin helped his lower back, I think the heat pack & massage helped more….I feed him a diet high in Omega 3 foods, he gets tin salmon in spring water drained with boiled potato for lunch + 2 Green Lipped Mussels they’re “K-9 Natural” freezed dried mussels + 3 Almonds a day as a treat, he acts & runs like a puppy, you’d never know he’s 9yrs old & has a few health problems when you met him…

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