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    Mark S

    Lost our 23lb, 14 yr old spaniel to Heart Tumor. Just rescued a 12lb YorkiePoo. The foster was feeding him Hill’s Science Diet for Small Dogs. Not listed on 4 stars or above. We fed previous dog Newman’s Own Dry that at one time had 4 stars. But this guy is only 12lbs with ideal wgt about 15lbs. Suggestions?

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    For tiny kibble, look at Nutrisource small/med breed puppy, Amicus puppy, Nature’s Logic, and Nature’s Select Hi-Pro/puppy, and By Nature Organics. I’ve used all of these. I also know that Simply Nourish small breed is tiny kibble. Wellness also has a toy breed kibble.

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    I think at his size he’ll be fine with most all kibble sizes. I have a 4 pound chihuahua, a 9 pound poodle, a 14 pound bichon and a 47 pound PWD who all eat variously sized kibbles and do fine. The hardest kibble for my 4 pounder to chew is- believe it or not! Fromm 4-star. They are tiny sized, like cat kibble, but VERY hard and she takes forever to chew them. They’re so hard my poodle spits them out and won’t even bother with them.

    Newman’s own is good, I’ve also had good luck with Purina 1 Beyond (yes, really!) and most recently trying Precise (Naturals line, not the holistic). All kibble sizes are well received by my guys.
    Hope this helps and congrats to you!

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    I have found that a lot of good foods have really small kibble even if not specifically for small/toy breeds. My 13-lb Rat Terrier mix does well with just about any size, the biggest he’s had so far being Dr. Tim’s Kinesis GF. We’re about to get on Earthborn Holistic GF (not for small breeds), and the kibble is bigger in diameter but really flat. My friend has an 8-lb Chorkie (Chihuahua-Yorkie) and he did just fine on Earthborn normal size. So yeah, just pick just about any 4-5-star food, think your new little family member should be ok! Some small kibbles I have fed/will feed are Holistic Health Extension (especially the “little bites”), Nutrisca, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Back to Basics, Nature’s Variety Instinct, NutriSource, NOW Fresh, and many more.

    Also, if you are trying to reach his ideal weight, Victor foods are pretty calorie-dense and small kibble, my guy LOVES it, and you can feed him that in such an amount so that he gets to his ideal weight.

    But please, get him off the Science Diet ASAP!

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