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    HI, I am thrilled to have discovered this wonderful forum, but have to admit to being overwhelmed. We have not had a dog in 10 years and we’re in possession of a Pit Bull/Boxer 4 month old female lover for 2 days now.
    My immediate need is this – she came with a small unmarked bag of kibble from the rescue org. I have been reading and reading and feel completely overwhelmed with the choices out there for food. Where does one start? I suspect she is not eating an expensive, high quality food from the circumstances she came from, and she seems relatively healthy (vet found one parasite and a small cough.) I am worried about transition. She could have a reaction to a sudden switch to a much better, healthier food than she has been getting.
    Any tips on where I should start?
    Thank you so much.

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    I would try NutriSource. I’ve read that dogs transition to it easily. I would also add some probiotics & digestive enzymes. I’d say do a slow transition and you can, IF the rescue can tell you exactly what food he was on, you can then buy the smallest bag. If not, do what you have to. Regarding probiotics & enzymes, go to a pet store and buy whist they have, so you don’t have to order online & wait.

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    Hi Jilty,
    In my experience, transitioning between dog foods is generally not a problem unless the dog has been on only one food for a long time, or has special needs. A fresh rescue should be put on a high quality food at first, with perhaps an Omega 3 supplement or canned salmon (people food). Acana for instance, or Wellness or any of the good foods you can get in your area. We found food with grain makes for loose poops, and here in the city we have to pick-up after him… A quality food will be fine for puppies or adults.

    Transitioning from rescue food should be a non-issue, since it’s probably cheap and low quality, and he/she likely hasn’t adapted to it anyway. If you’re really worried, use what you have over a few days and mix the old with the new.


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