New Puppy on Pro Pac Ultimates – Switch to Wellness Core or Other?

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    Alex D

    We just took home our 10 week old Vizsla puppy and were sent home with some of the Pro Pac Ultimates food she’d received since being weened, along with some TruDog Boost as a topper for the dry food (1 tablespoon per meal).

    I’d not heard of Pro Pac before and checked the review here and discovered that he puppy formula appears to receive 5 stars. That said, we’d given our old girl, who recently went to the Rainbow Bridge, grain free food (Blue Wilderness Senior among others over her life) and she seemed to perk up when we moved her to grain free. I also am not able to get Pro Pac Ultimates locally whatsoever–I’d be relegated to online ordering only which isn’t a problem (I’d always ordered from Amazon/Chewy/etc. in the past) but it’s nice to have the option to pick up locally in an emergency.

    Accordingly, before we picked up our new little girl, I’d looked at the potential dog foods from the Editor’s Choice list and was contemplating Wellness Core (puppy) given it’s high rating, relative availability both locally and online, and the fact that I’d have a better idea about where they source their ingredients.

    Pro Pac Ultimates is certainly cheaper than Wellness Core, and is likewise cheaper than the Blue Wilderness we’d fed our old girl, but my wife and I are willing to spend more for a better product if needed (and within reason).

    Curious for input on whether Pro Pac Ultimates is a quality natural dog food (especially for puppies and with/without the TruDog Boost) or if I should consider transitioning to Wellness Core or another grain-free brand. Alternatively, would it be best to keep her on the Pro Pac until about a year old when we’d move her to a non-puppy formula anyway and try a different brand at that point?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    Alex D

    As a follow-up to my initial post, I opted to transition our new little girl to Wellness Core Puppy. I’d attempted to contact Pro Pac (Midwestern Pet Foods) about the source of their ingredients and still haven’t heard back. With Wellness, I know where the meats are sourced and I have greater confidence in their transparency than with Pro Pac.

    Upon some additional research, I discovered Pro Pac is marketed largely to independent retailers as a product akin to other mainstream natural dog foods but that allows for greater profit margin for those retailers . . . marketability and sales information seemed more readily available than information touting it’s nutritional strength.

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