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    Hello Dog Experts!

    I would love to get your suggestions on what would be the best food to get for our new puppy Pearl who is 3/4 Golden Retriever and 1/4 Border Collie mix that the breeder refers to as a Coltriever. We have had her since she was 10 weeks old and is now 13 weeks and weighs 12 lbs and is a very active and happy pup. She is currently on Taste of the Wild Puppy which was what the breeder was feeding and we have switched between the Wild Prairie and Wild Pacific Salmon formulas and she has done well on both but seems to like the Wild Pacific Salmon formula more. She has a long and very fluffy puppy coat still and the Vet suggested having her on a fish based puppy food for both her longer coat and to help with the cancer that is so prevalent in Goldens. My understanding is TOTW is a good food for the price point however, I am looking to find what the best food would be for her. I joined the Editors Choice but the large breed Puppy foods listed were not fish based. I don’t mind paying more $$ as it is important to me to have her on the best food possible. Our vet is not pro Raw food and we currently are not looking to go that direction except for possibly supplementing. If anyone has suggestions on supplements we should be adding I would love to hear those as well!

    These are some of the suggestions we got from Mud Bay (a local high end pet store):
    1. First Mate Puppy
    2. Instinct Salmon (it’s not a puppy formula but they said that it has the same protein and fat ratios as a puppy formula would have)
    3. Acana (they didn’t carry but said was great)
    4. Orijen

    I appreciate the help, the more I research the more confused I get and would love to hear from people’s personal experiences!


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    Hi Sarah, have you looked at “Holistic Select” Adult/Puppy grainfree Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine meal recipe…. I think you may have missed it on the Editors Choice list its under medium breeds… here’s the link to have a look… http://www.holisticselect.com/product.aspx?pet=dog&cat=5&pid=71

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    Thank you Susan! I did notice that food but it was listed under small and medium sized dogs. Pearl is not a huge puppy but I am a first time dog owner and don’t have much to compare it to. However, Pearl is 3/4 Golden Retriever and 1/4 Border Collie, would that make her considered a large breed and if so, would this still be an appropriate and adequate food?

    Secondly, I am noticing many people talking about switching food regularly. Is this beneficial? If so how often should I be switching her food?

    Sorry for all the questions. I am trying to make the best decision and in the process confuse myself more.

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    Hi Sarah-
    I’d definitely play it safe and feed your pup as if it is a large breed. There is a good chance she will be if she is 3/4 golden. She is going to be beautiful! Right now, I’d worry more about her joints than cancer. You can always supplement with fish oil or sardines/salmon if you can’t find an appropriate fish based food at this time. I have two three year-old 3/4 lab, 1/4 golden mixes and I give them each one tin of sardines per week and then a krill oil pill each on another day. I also feed them eggs, beef hearts a few times per week with their kibble as well. Good luck and have fun with your pup!

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    I thought I responded to you also, but don’t see my comment.

    Quickly, before I run, I would definitely feed as if a large breed puppy. Better safe than sorry. Feeding your medium breed pup as if a LBP, poses no risk.

    Also, I would add delicate Omega 3’s at the time that I feed rather than looking for a fish based food. Fish based foods oxidize quickly and the risk that rancid fats pose can cause serious health risks, include, but not limited to, pancreatitis. If you must feed a fish based food, buy only the smallest freshest bag that you can find.

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