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    Hi everyone, today I adopted a 3 year old walker hound mix from the local animal shelter. I’ve noticed she has a minor case of dry skin. From the history I got on her she turned in because her owner died. I can tell she was very important to her previous owner, she is very well trained. My question is what kind of food would be the best to help with skin issues and gain a little weight. She was 55 lbs at her last vet visit in October, but looks like she lost some weight due to shelter life. It will be a week before we go to my vet for a health check and I wanted to get a good food to get her on her way to feeling 100% after what she’s been through. Sorry so long I’ve never had a dog with skin issues so not sure what to do to help her until vet time.

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    Hmm, skin issues can come from a variety of things. Usually it’s due to diet. Many times dogs have intolerances (usually to grains, but sometimes to chicken or various veggies). What food do you feed her?

    One of my dogs would get dry skin once in a while. It was minor enough that an organic oil-based moisturizing shampoo (I can’t remember the brand. The scent is amazing, I bought it at the feed store) solved the problem right away.

    I’m really not too much help, sorry, but hopefully you’ll be able to get something figured out. 😉

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    Try giving her a dose of fish oil daily for a while and see if that helps. If she still needs more then add coconut oil too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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