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    Liz S

    I have a 2 yr old female chihuahua ( Nala ) and a 5 yr old male italian greyhound ( Oreo. ) Instead of rambling on about what we’ve tried, I’d like to ask for some suggestions.

    I’d like small bites. Chihuahua has hard time with bigger ones and IG’s have sensitive teeth. Not all. But they are known for teeth issues. Science Diet isn’t an option.

    I’d like to leave the dry out all day as well as give each wet food for dinner ( 5-6ish )

    We also have a 5 month old female BUGG. My last pug passed a few years ago so I do understand their needs to a point. The dry food she eats now she gets 2x a day. The gas she has is horrible. There are no words LOL. Thing is, there are many times throughout the day where she will pass gas like every 1-3 minutes. She is also become tough at feeding times. She is sticking her nose up and there have been some mornings we’ve had to leave bowl in her pen and she picked through it. I tried mixing it with a bit of pretty warm water and that worked a few times but she’s figured it out and still is just picking at it. Not everyday, but many days I need to be able to put a bowl down in the AM and have her eat it within a half hour. Dinner feed isn’t as important for her to finish quickly.

    I’d like to switch her to a different dry puppy and I’m thinking I could mix a little wet puppy food with it to get her to eat it at least within 30 minutes.

    I tend to ramble so sorry in advance!

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    Hi Liz, your dog shouldn’t have real bad gas… Have you looked at the Wellness Range?? They make “Wellness Toy breed” “Wellness Small Breed” complete health Puppy Turkey Oatmeal & Salmon meal recipe..Here’s a link to have a look, the whole Wellness range should come up, Complete Health, Core Grainfree, Toy Breed & Small Breed & their Simple limited ingredients, what I use, my boy was a walking fart, now I never smell any farts since he’s been on the Wellness Simple… Health Dry Dog Recipes I hope this link works if it doesnt just google “Wellness dog food”… good-luck

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    Since starting a premixed raw diet that is complete and balanced, my dogs not only have no gas to speak of, but their poop literally does not stink, unless you jammed it in your face of course. Stools are smaller and much firmer due to the fact that your dog’s body is able to absorb more of the nutrients in his food, therefore less waste. I am feeding multiple dogs and not a single soft stool since we made the switch, and feeding time is a madhouse as they are very excited and the food disappears rapidly. As a kibble feeder for over 20 years and someone who doesn’t even like to deal with raw meat, I finally decided to sacrifice my own squeamishness for the betterment of my dogs and am so happy to say it was well worth it! PS big yellow rubber kitchen gloves are a key ingredient in feeding a raw diet, that much I will tell you LOL!!

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    For your puppy, have you tried adding digestive enzymes to her food? That might help. That said, I’d also recommend changing her food. Poor puppy, can you imagine how miserable she must feel.

    When my Golden has gas its because he’s eating something that he’s intolerant of, such as chickpeas or lentils. Look and see if your food includes those. If it does, you might want to look for something without a lot of legumes.

    Free feeding isn’t a good idea for a variety of reasons. It contributes to weight gain and isn’t particularly safe as fats in dry dog food go rancid quickly once exposed to air. Everyone should have their place to eat and their own bowls. Give them 15 minutes to eat and then remove what’s left.

    Some brands with tiny kibble are Nature’s Logic, Wellness and Amicus. Wellness Core Small Breed is a great product and the kibble are a small, thin, triangular diet of shape. My Cavalier does great on Wellness Core products.

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    Hi! Just want to tell you that proper nutrition should be your ambition. It’s dog food and it has to have all the minerals and vitamins they need because it’s the only way to be sure they stay healthy. Everyone in our neighborhood uses the same food now – it’s called Dogs For The Earth. It’s dehydrated so there is no processing and it’s Organic – every ingredient is organic and the whole list of ingredients is on their web site. They tell you why each ingredient is in the food – what is does for dogs and they are owned by a scientist who is an animal nutritionist. We had dogs around here with so many allergies and problems and my sisters’ yorkie was the worst picky eater but now she runs into the kitchen whenever she hears the bag! After you read on their web site you’ll understand! I try to tell everyone about this food because it’s pure and natural and dogs love it. But more importantly I’ve seen first hand how that makes such a huge difference.

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    Liz S


    I am new to this site and I didn’t know anyone responded to my post. To be honest, I don’t even know how I stumbled upon it, and saw the replies! I looked around and found all I had to do was click on my profile, lol. Also, I am not sure I am replying correctly…like directly to your reply or this just goes as another reply. I think I did it right but I am not sure. 🙂

    I LOVE Wellness. I give it to my cats & my ferrets. I tried the dog version ( same thing…chicken one.. ( chihuahua and IG several months ago). but they turned their noses up to it. I also think my chihuahua doesn’t do well with chicken. I am not sure what Wellness has…I’m gonna head over to the Petco and PetSmart site right now and see what kinds they have. I’d like to do lamb, venison etc ( anything besides chicken ) and I would love to go grain free. Chihuahua is getting Whole Earth grain free now. And Natures Variety Grain Free wet food at night. The IG eats it as well but my chi is having a hard time eating the large pieces. Ah. Poor girl. Last year it took a longggg time finding the right food for our cat as well. Once we found the Wellness Chicken- it was a miracle. Life saver! Phew.

    I love that Petco allows you to return a bag as long as its about half eaten. Not sure what PetSmarts policy is.

    Might be silly to even ask, since you aren’t here and we’re confused ourselves lol…but do you think I could try one of the Wellness ( grain free ) first? I know grain free is best.

    When I think about it though, if I go grain free dry food, I’d need to go grain free for her nightly wet food because what’s the point? Right? I’m just not sure if it’s chicken or the grains that my chi has the real problem with. Not worried about the IG, he does pretty well with everything.

    As for the bugg pup I will also look into the Wellness online right now, too.

    My 4th ferret that passed in June had insulinoma, adrenal disease etc etc. It’s horrible seeing any of them in ANY type of discomfort.

    Geesh I’m sorry I’m so all over the place! My head is spinning!
    Thanks for your reply!!!!

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    Hi Liz, I have great luck with Victor Grain Free. The pieces are tiny. If you’d like to look into Victor, here’s their site. They have 4 grain free kibbles. At the top of the page is a store locator. I buy it local and pay just under $40 for 30lbs. If you have a Costco nearby, their canned is a very good option. It’s called Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Turkey and Pea Stew. A case of 24 cans is $19.99 Both are 5 star foods. 😀

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    Liz S

    I will try that!!! I stood in Petco today for an hour. Well, I paced. Ahhh.

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