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    My dogs were doing so good on this food. Opened new bag and within two weeks one was throwing up, both were stinky, shedding and finally wouldn’t eat. Some pieces of kibble have white flecks on them but checking the bag halfway through the flecks get less, I can only guess from fish meal or rice. Had to change food suddenly, thank goodness that went ok, and now all is well again. So frustrating!

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    Always make sure you be careful how you store pet food because it can affect A LOT in looses freshness and it’s antioxidant properties so the food can go bad, and always check the dates. And lamb is not every dog’s favorite! lol not my favorite because they add so much pea products but, yeah. good luck!!

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    Sounds like mold to me!

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    Hadn’t thought of mold but is possible I guess. Looked like actual ingredient. I know storage before I bring home can be a problem. I keep pet food in the house, in the bag, in a plastice container. But you never know how it was handled before. I did check the whole bag and the kibble does change and pieces do not have as much if any as I got to the middle and bottom. I understand things can happen at the factories. When I see this and how it effects my dogs, I have to move on to another food company.

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