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    Beth M

    Our Chocolate Lab was diagnosed yesterday.She is staying in the animal hospital for a few days for treatment.I am very concerned about feeding her dog food and treats once she comes home.Any advice for care of a diabetic dog would be greatly appreciated.Best brand and type?

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    Mieke v

    Our dog is on Honest Kitchen Zeal for pancreatitis and when researching it for that had read of folks who had lots of success on it for diabetes. I think that was maybe on where I read some of those. Maybe do a google search HK Zeal diabetes? I read on one post where one person’s dog was able to go down to half the medication dosage (for diabetes) after going on the HK. I also read that people w/dogs with diabetes will hydrate the food (HK is a dehydrated type) let sit for 10 min., then put it in a blender to break it up even more. Be warned, it is an uber expensive food! Due to its costs, and I am not sure if any food is good to give exclusively, we now have him on a rotation diet between the HK, Wellness Core (can) and Merrick Grain-free Wilderness (can). However, for us it save at least $500 in vet fees. Not to mentioned saved our beloved guy.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Beth M:
    Check out this canine diabetes support group on Facebook, maybe you can find some resources to help you and your pup there:

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    When my dog was first diagnosed I used a combination of the prescription food W/D with mostly Wellness Core Reduced Fat and later switched to Royal Canine. After a couple of years she started having appetite and gastro problems caused by pancreatitis and we tried over thirty different high end low fat, low carb foods mostly purchased from because they are so great with customer service but in her final days we used Flint River Senior. They have several different food mixes and you can get samples too. Also very good customer service.

    Good luck with the challenges of diabetes and if you aren’t already familiar, you should definitely go to the k9diabetes website and join the forum. Those people are the most amazing group and helped me through a multitude of concerns.

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    If you go to, put diabetic dog food in their search & a list pops up. It may be a starting point.

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