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    I have a dog that I think has food intolerance(s). When we adopted him, he had chronic ear infections, horrible gas, his coat was rough, and diarrhea. Tried him on Whole Earth Farms chicken, and it didn’t help. Switched him to Nature’s Variety Instince LID turkey along with enzymes, which he has been on now for 4 months, and he is doing much better. Ears are clear, his coat is much better, the gas is better, and stools are solid. My question: I would like to be able to rotate his food but I don’t know what ingredients are the culprets? Is it grain, potatoes, chicken? Can someone help me out on what I should do? I don’t know if it is okay to keep him on the Instinct LID and rotate formulas? Should I be trying different brands? If so which ones?? I can’t go any higher in price as my husband is not happy with the price as we have a small zoo to feed. I have been researching but am getting a little overwhelmed. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    I will give you some advice as it pertains to one of my dogs. I did not do allergy testing but an online friend gave me a list of ingredients to avoid: chicken, corn, wheat, soy, rice and flax. I have since found that Boone does fine with flax but cannot have yeast. He has done the best with a grain and potato free foods. Beef can be a common allergen, I have read. On this forum, go to the dog food ingredients board and the stickie at the top has the list of those foods.
    Boone does best with fish and turkey foods. He eats a pre made raw in the morning and some of that is beef and he has no issue with it. His pre made is also turkey and duck. He eats Brothers Allergy, which has chicken liver & chicken at but is doing great on this food.
    Something to keep in mind. You have to be mindful of every morsel your dog eats. That means treats as well. If you feed him a grain free food, feed him grainfree treats. Scour that ingredients list. Also, you wouldn’t think about it but supplements as well. Mixed tocopherols can be soy so the salmon oil I give him is just that, salmon oil (it’s a liquid). I once gave him a salmon oil capsule that had soy as a secondary ingredient. We use Bug Off Garlic for the insects and we cannot use the chewables because there is yeast in it.
    I advise trying a few different foods, by different makers. I like doing that because you never know if a food will become unavailable or you see a sale on another one he can have. Hope I’ve been of help!

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    You may want to try the Honest Kitchen’s Zeal. It is hypoallergenic, made with fish, and low fat – high protein. Freeze dried, no chemicals. I wish our dog could tolerate it and liked the taste of it. Seems like an amazing food!

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    I feed Brothers Allergy to 3 out of my 4 dogs. The only one of my dogs that can eat the White meat formula from Brothers always does fine on most anything except shes still scratching like mad on her sides but it could be environmental also because even my other 3 on the Allergy formula are scratching and right now my skin is really dry. We have been on this brand for 6 weeks , maybe a bit longer and I am giving extra Enzymes and Probiotics to all 4 every feeding and they all had horrible gas before and now none of them have gas but all 4 have acid reflux and they never had that before. My one with intestinal allergies sometimes will walk through the house and spit up watered down kibble. I limit how much they get each feeding. I feed 1/8 cup morning and 1/8 cup evening. I have 3 Chihuahuas and 1 Imperial Shihtzu. It is like pulling teeth to get them to eat the Allergy formula but they have to like it and thats all they get because my one hadn’t had any bloating and discomfort in quite a while since switching to Brothers Allergy formula but she cannot eat the white meat recipe nor any of the biscuits from Brothers. Intestinal allergies are very painful for a dog and I can tell almost immediately when something does not sit well with her. All 4 of my dogs ate the Original Allergy formula much better than since they added the Menhaden fish to it now. I wonder if they ever plan to switch back at all. I don’t mean to be a downer about this food but when 4 dogs do not want to eat it unless they are just so hungry then it must taste pretty bad.

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    You might want to check out this webiste http://www.nzymes.com. I had posted on another forum for someone whose dog had a major itch storm. My aunt who had a dog with health issues and she uses this products and I am a firm believer! Wouldn’t hurt to check it out!!! Hope it helps and good luck!!

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