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    Dear Gentlemen,

    I´m living outside the US, specifically Venezuela, where as you know we are experiencing though times affecting many things even the most simple ones. It happen that our dear old poodle after 12 years has developed a renal cronic disease, so his local vet has indicated us to fed him with a specialized food.

    These special foods are virtually impossible to find in Venezuela nowadays, and we know that feeding him with normal food would reduce his life-time drastically, so we must try to find and buy them abroad. Our Vet decided that the Royal Canin Renal Support or similar would be the best.

    On the other hand, we understand that buying them in the US would require a Vet´s prescription, our dog has it but obviously from a local vet, any advise on how and where to buy from would be highly welcomed.

    I´m looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest.

    Kind Regards.

    Oswaldo Guerreiro

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    Sorry to hear about your sick poodle,
    In Australia we do not need a prescription for a “vet diet food” We can buy online..
    Our Royal Canine is made in France we do not get the US Royal Canine vet diets, they don’t pass our strict import laws…… We have a few online site that sell overseas, I will msg a friend who is in the US, she buys from Australia, she buys our flea products as they work out cheaper then buying from America she said… I’ll send her a msg now & get the online places that sell to overseas customers & see if they have the R/C vet diet you need,
    These are our R/C vet diets we get in Australia I hope I can help your poor dog..

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    Hi again
    if you have a script for a vet diet food, then why not google American online Pet Stores, then email them & ask do they post outside of the US to Venezuela ??

    Here’s Chewy online US store link

    scroll down & send them an email ask do they send to Venezuela??
    tell them in your email that you have a script for the vet diet.

    Here’s more online US pet stores look to right they have their links..

    I thought you lived in Europe but you live northern coast of South America.

    You’d be better off finding a vet nutritionist who’s online & pay for them to prepare you a home made cooked diet for a dog who has Chronic Renal Disease…

    Royal Canine & Hills vet diet sound great but a lot of the times some dogs wont eat these vet diets, so you’re probably better off cooking your own balanced cooked meals…

    Google home cook diet for “Dog with Chronic Renal Disease”
    Here’s some home cooked recipes

    Recipe for Low-Phosphorus Dog Food ~ Caring for a Dog with Chronic Renal Failure



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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