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    I have decided to cook for my yorkie. I can rotate the proteins and he seems to love it. So far I’m using Dr. Harveys small ground grain free veg to bowl.He loves it but he uses the bathroom soo much. It is high in fiber. I heard some on here mentioning other premixes doing this. How about THK or grandma Lucy’s premixes. My yorkie did not like THK dehydrated food but he loves oracle by Dr. Harveys. So I’m wondering if he would dislike their premixes. Any suggestions?

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    Bobby dog

    Hi weezerweeks:
    I was feeding Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Miracle Dog Food. My dog absolutely loved it. I didn’t feel comfortable feeding it for every meal. Even though it recommends rotating proteins the amount of mix never changed so it concerned me that feeding it daily long term may lead to imbalances in his diet.

    He also likes Dr. Harvey’s Oracle and a few of my cats really like it as well.

    My dog didn’t like THK dehydrated either so I never tried their premixes. I think C4c had the same experience with both their dehydrated and premix.

    I have been using Balance-IT Carnivore Blend for a few months now. I don’t feed it daily just a few times a week. It has been very convenient for me and Bobby really likes it. I make a few versions of a very simple recipe with meat, fish, oil, and Carnivore Blend. I sometimes use a few other recipes I made up depending on what I have on hand; for those times I don’t get to the grocery store! Since he liked Dr. Harvey’s so much I also made a recipe that is similar to the Miracle Dog Food mix. I also concocted a few stew recipes, but haven’t got around to making them yet.

    On another note, how are those kitties? The Carnivore Blend is for both dogs and cats. I have made a few recipes for my cats, but they don’t seem to care too much for my cooking. I am still searching for that recipe they will like. In the meantime Bobby is enjoying what they won’t eat.

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    Hi weezerweeks,
    I have fed both Grandma Lucy’s and THK premixes. My girls love all the premixes but they would probably eat anything mixed with the fresh protein. (We did not try the dehydrated with protein in it so I don’t know if they would eat it.) With my last box of THK Kindly, I noticed they are using a smaller grind now.

    THK Preference has a little bit lower fiber than the other premixes so it might be an option. It may be worth getting a sample to see if your yorkie likes it.

    I am currently feeding 1/3 low fiber kibble and 2/3 THK Kindly/protein due the frequency of bathroom use. (We are back down to 2 or 3 times a day with this combination). I will probably try adding digestive enzymes in the future to see if that makes a difference.

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    Thanks everyone. Bobbydog I have 5 of my cats. I lost 3 this summer. I have looked every where for them. There has been a hawk flying over and I am o afraid he might have gotten them. I can’t understand why they are endangered. I keep a shotgun in my car now and the next time he flies over he’s a goner. I guess they’ll have to lock me up.jk I have one cat at home(he’s old) when he’s gone I’m bringing them home. Thanks for asking.

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    Hi weezerweeks-
    I’m so sorry about the missing kitties. I had one disappear about five years ago most likely to a coyote. It is heartbreaking. It will always bother me.
    Lol!, you go girl! We’ll take up an offering on here to bail you out of jail! 😀

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Weezerweeks:
    That is heartbreaking when they go missing. So sorry for you.

    When I boarded my horses I was of course known as the cat lady to all the kids. lol As with most barns people would dump strays there all the time. I always took them to the Vet and fed them. I found homes for quite a few, but if they were to live at the barn then someone had to take care of them. That was the only deal the barn manager would go for, he didn’t want to have anything to do with them. Some went missing over the years and I would always go scouting on my horses, but I never found them. 🙁

    A few months ago about ten huge crows had a bunny cornered in one of my paddocks. They were trying their best to get her. I got out there just in time to shoo them away. Poor bunny also had a nest near by with babies to take care of. I have also saved some squirrels from hawks too. They love to perch on my fence and wait for them to come out foraging. I know it’s part of nature, just not on my watch!

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    Have you looked into CarnivoreRaw by Young Again Pet Food? It is a powder and you add oil to make a complete meal. You could also add about 20% of your own choice of veggies.

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    Dog Pack Mom

    Has anyone tried U Stew?

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    I haven’t tried this one but I use preference by THK and veg to bowl by Dr. Harveys.my yorkie did not like kindly by THK. I think he could smell the garlic.I will check u stew out

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    Hi Weezerweeks,

    When I started doing homemade I went the pre-mix route. Realize I wanted to go even more fresh as dehydrated food did not seem all that fresh to me.

    Instead invest in a good blender. Look at the ingredients of your premixes and buy them yourself. My grocery store always has sales on squash, green leafy veggies, alfala sproutes, tumeric root, ginger, blueberries etc. You can buy those in bunches and make great smoothies.At the end you save a lot of money and you can make large batches and freeze them when not needed.

    Keep in mind you will need to add some supplements along the way but after a few tries you will get the hang of it and your wallet will love you for it.

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    Mary N

    Like Cannoli above me said, I would prefer to go full natural. Most of the dehydrated food is not really fresh. That is why they dehydrate it in the first place, to preserve it lasting for longer.

    This might be more difficult but you will feel at peace when it comes to your Yorkie nutrition 🙂

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