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    I gave my cats their drontal worming tablet today. All of them chewed it in the pill pocket except Tinker and Will. I put it down their throat. This is the problem one of them spit it out and I don’t know which one. I have 2 tablets left. If I give them one again that would mean that one of them had 2 tablets. What should I do? Should I wait a couple of weeks and give it to them again or should I give each one a1/2 tablet. They are small cats and I don’t want to kill might know these2 are my favorite. What about it BCnut? Oh well tomorrow I have to put frontline on them but my manager will put it on while I hold them so the only problem will be catching them. Thanks for ur help. Worn out and a few scratches, the crazy cat lady!

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    Hi weezerweeks. Thought you might like to read this before you do the frontline.

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    Dori I hate like crazy to put frontline on them but they are my rescues and live behind our store. During the winter they stay in their condo but in the summer it’s too hot so they stay under the building. I can not have fleas back there. I never use anything on my yorkie. The only thing he gets is Heartgard because he had heartworms when I got him. I never use off brands from Walmart etc on my cats and I only do it for 3 months. I hated to worm them but I gave them Drontal because it covers hook,round and tape. I never give medicine like this to my home animals but I don’t have a choice with these babies. Hopefully one day I’ll get to bring them home(as outside cats)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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