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    1.what questions should i ask myself before deciding what is the best dog food for my dog? can i find what food will be the best for dog with allergies ?is checking that the cause for the allergy is not one of the ingredients is enough

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Well, if your dog as food allergies the first priority should be to find a food with out the allergen. What’s important to you in a food? Everyone has different criteria so you could get a million different answers. Concerning kibble I personally look for foods with at least 30% protein and 15% fat. I like to avoid foods that utilize a lot of ingredient splitting and/or plant-based protein contents. I like the majority of the protein to be animal-derived. I would avoid foods that are fish-based or high in omega 3’s. I like a company that is open about disclosing where their foods are manufactured and where their ingredients are sourced. The customer service has to be good – I will not purchase food from a company with poor customer service. Although not a deal breaker, I prefer foods that utilize fresh meat and meat meals as opposed to just meat meals.

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    do you consider your dog activity level while choosing food ? for example low fat for couch potato

    thnx for the quick replay !

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    I feed regular food to “normal active” and “couch potato”. I just feed less to the couch potatoes. They still need quality protein and fat. For instance, I would still feed Instinct to my couch potatoes! I don’t feed high protein & high fat foods designed for working/sporting dogs though. They might have as much fat as they do protein which is not ideal for the “regular” dog. Basically I don’t feed low fat food at all to my old ones or couch potatoes. I also feed different foods with different levels of fat.

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    Hiii… First consult your vet to determine if your pet has a food allergy or intolerance. Then try a premium food with a limited number of protein and carbohydrate sources. Ask a Pet Smart associate for recommendations on best foods.
    Your vet may also suggest a prescription food. To transition your pet to the new food, mix a small amount of the new food with the current food and increase the new food over the course of 10 days.

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