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    Thursday morning took my Bailey to the vet with watery stools and nausea. He ruled out pancreatitus. He gave him tylosin and cerenia. It made him a lot better but a few minutes ago he was nauseated again and his stomache was hurting because he was trying to eat the shrubs, grass anything he could get in his mouth. I boiled him chicken and fixed brown rice, white rice and quinoa. He weighs 7 lbs. how many tablespoons of chicken and rice or quinoa should I give him? He eats twice a day. Which rice is better the white or brown or the quinoa? I also added 1/4 teaspoon of perfect form. I need to let his stomache heal. I am going to try this for a week. I also added 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil. I just don’t know how much to feed. Can someone tell me. Does anyone have any other suggestion? Thanks Deanna(better known as weezerweeks)

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    This sounds like a good plan, I don’t know the exact amounts to feed but I am bumping this up.

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    Animal Essentials sells a product called Animals Apawthecary Ginger-Mint tincture that works wonders for motion sickness/nausea. They’re very knowledgeable and maybe can advise, and make sure it’s ok to take with the meds. It got good reviews on Amazon for upset stomach too.
    I hope your little one feels better soon.

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    I boil chicken breast then make little sections at 60grams & freeze then, I boil pumkin & same section up & freeze in little cubes weighting 16grams, its about 1 tablespoon I put in blender & munch up its easier then cutting up bits of chicken everyday, …I would be giving a good dog probiotic daily… my boy was put on ant-acid Zantac now Losec (Oemprazole) as he has acid reflux we think thats whats making him feel sick, so maybe dont give no coconut oil just incase as its to high in fat….wait when he’s doing better….
    Patch is having an Endoscope & biopies this Tuesday as he keeps feeling sick again of a morning & wanting grass again, vets said IBD in the begining & vets put him on Eukaunaba Intestinal Low residue this kibble breaks up & digests easier giving their stomach & bowel a rest, Iams has a low residue kibble but its has different ingredients to the Eukanuba Intestinal, Iams has by-products & more fiber.. Brown rice is better then white rice but has more fiber or you can boil oats as oats soothe the stomach, rice can cause diarrhea my boy cant eat rice as it irratates his bowel but normally white rice will firm up poos & is easy to digest… can do 1/2 chicken 1/2 rice & pumkin, with pumkin you only use a little bit about 1 teaspoon to a small meal..
    If he doesnt get better after trying different meds like an ant acid, Pepcid or Zantac vet may have to look down his throat & do biopies like Im doing with Patch cause its been over 1 year of trying everything & Patches poos are good & firm but he’s always licking his mouth eating grass or plants cause he fells sick, I need to know whats wrong with his stomach, I can see him suffering after his Zantac he seems to settle & feel better..

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    Give the same volume that you normally feed. It will be less calories, but for short term that’s better.

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    Hi Weezerweeks!
    Have you ever checked out the website: They have a lot of information on digestive disorders. I think they recommended overcooked white rice if I remember correctly. Anyway, it has a lot of very useful tips and recommendations for different types of diarrhea. I’ve spent more time on that subject over the last few years than I want to remember. LOL! Good luck!

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