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    Lisa T

    Two weeks ago my 11 yr old Aussie started having trouble breathing, loss of appetite, and throwing up water/bile so I took her to the vet. They performed many tests and a preliminary diagnoses is pulmonary hypertension and a possible lung infection or worst cancer. The results are still out but she is on heart medication, a steroid, meds to open her airways, and an antibiotic. I was having a hard time getting her to eat so getting her to take her meds has been difficult. I tried turkey, peanut butter, hiding it in hamburger but she would not eat so she wasn’t getting her meds. I would have to put the meds down her throat but that usually would end up poorly. Finally I tried cheese and she is now taking her meds. She will also eat apples but she turns her nose up to my homemade food (hamburger, lamb, rice), she also turns her nose up to the lamb wet food, and her dry food. Just looking for suggests to get her to eat, she has lost quite a bit of weight but she is still within her normal weight. Should I just not worry that she isn’t eating enough at this point? She is feeling better, maybe her appetite will return?? What should I be feeding her when it returns? Thanks so much

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    Lisa T

    BTW, the vet just told me to give her whatever she will eat.

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    How about a bite of chopped broiled chicken liver mixed in with her kibble and a splash of water. I have never seen a dog that refused a bite of broiled chicken liver.
    A little scrambled egg? A bite of rotisserie chicken?
    I wouldn’t force her to eat though, have fresh water available at all times.

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    Lisa T

    Thanks so much! I will try those.

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    Hi Lisa, sorry about your girl being sick, it’s very hard to watch them suffer, lose weight & not eat, you feel so helpless, just be there for her & she’ll come good again, Just make sure you keep an eye on her after she has taken medications? keep a diary so you can tell vet if needed, some meds can make you not want to eat & feel sick… if the vet asks questions it’s written in the diary……
    When your cooking the cooking smells can make you feel hungry, but cooking smells can also make you feel sick as well….When your cooking does she come into the kitchen & smell what’s cooking? I boil either pumkin or sweet potato freeze sections & mix with foods, pumkin & sweet potato is sweet mash 1-2 spoons thru a meal… make sure the meats you pick are very lean, low in fat especially if she has had acid reflux… I was buying turkey 99% fat free grounded mince, adding a whisked egg & a bit of finally chopped parsley & making small ball rissoles, baking on baking tray in oven, when 1/2 cooked take out & drain & turn over the small rissole balls they cook quickly….You can freeze them & take out as you need them & can add pills in centre….also baked chicken is another favorite for dogs & cats…Freshly cooked BBQ chickens sell cheap at the local supermarkets also the smell will make you come, just don’t feed the chicken skin…keep us posted how’s she’s doing.

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    Joelle V

    Lisa: I cook whole chicken thighs and white rice, and sometimes throw in some brown rice, and feed a probiotic treat. My homeopathic vet recommended this. This has gotten us through illnesses. The rice is quite mushy and chicken falls of the bone, so wrapping pills in the food is easy.
    I think when a dog is sick, they get to eat whatever they will eat. Although this is not a long term food, it has worked for us.
    I hope your beloved Aussie recovers soon.

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    Lisa T

    Thank you so much for all the great advice! Just an update Angel is improving and is starting to eat her food. I made her chicken breast and cubed it, she seems to like the cubed better that the shredded. Yesterday I decide to try her on some of her dog food mixed with he chicken and softened with chicken broth. Amazingly she ate the whole bowl!! She kept is all down and is acting more hungry than she did last week. I assume the antibiotics are working but they did also give her a B12 shot since she was showing low in her tests. All tests are not back but she is breathing better after starting the antibiotics so I’m guessing it is some sort of infection. Again thank you so much for taking the time to give me advise and for your well wishes! Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

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