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    So my 10 yo rescue dog Freddie, is so damn picky its frustrating. I need something that fits this category!!

    -Chicken free (trying to eliminate chicken as his possible allergen)
    -Canned with not a pate texture…he likes chunky or stewy
    -Carageenan free is best but negotiable
    -I have had Zignature, which looks great on paper but the texture is a big no-go. Royal Canin hydrolyzed is a NO for him too he said last night at dinner.
    -Does anyone know the texture of the Merrick Limited Ingredient?

    Our issue isn’t digestive, it’s upper respiratory allergies, he has had a constant immune reaction ie: Eye discharge, post nasal drip that of course he swallows, I wish he could just blow his nose! I have changed nothing in the house at all and have had him for 4 years, this started a year ago. Can’t be outdoor allergies as it’s constant is winter, summer, and never better or worse. He’s been to vet, there is no lung involvement and antibiotics had no effect, and she found no evidence of infection. I want to help him so bad.

    Any suggestions would be so welcome! Thank you!


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    Make an appointment with a veterinary dermatologist, asap, for exam/testing and effective treatment options.
    Many allergens are airborne and present all year round (indoors/outdoors)
    You are wasting your time changing foods over and over again. Meanwhile the dog is suffering (from the symptoms you describe).

    Hope this article helps: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2010/06/evidence-based-canine-allergy-treatment/

    you can use the search engine there to look up allergies and other topics.
    Good luck

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    Thanks anonymous! Freddie has absolutely zero dermatological symptoms though, no skin changes, itching, nothing…it is 100% upper respiratory as I said, should I still see a dermatologist? Thanks for the reply!!

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    Patricia A

    Muttjunky is it a possibility that it’s an odor in your home that is causing this? I wore perfume in my teens and one day many, many years ago awoke with hives on neck and swollen, closed shut eye. Night before I had musk oil on. Next was the shampoo with a strong scent caused the same reaction. To this day I cannot be around strong perfume odors. Women I worked with at that time had same reaction after using the SAME hair dye for years. So a sensitivity can emerge from really anything that never caused a problem before.
    So maybe eliminate any scented products such as what you bath him in. Or even another ingredient in what you use to bath Also those scented plug in?. Possibly even cleaner on your rugs? Scented laundry detergent used to clean his bedding? It’s a long shot but I know scents can cause a lot of of problems for us humans also being respiratory or migraines.
    Really hope he feels better. A Dachshund was our very first dog my kids had growing up. Pookie is still a legend around here.

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 5 months ago by Patricia A.
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    As far as wet chicken free chunky foods go some to try would be taste of the wild canned, merrick regualr line has several chicken free, weruva has a few. Steak frites is a chunky shredded whole food canned food they make that’s beef based. Wellness core has the hearty cuts in a couple different flavors, merrick backountry has some chunky formulas without chicken too. Wholehearted also has some chunky chicken free foods as well.

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    @ Muttjunky: “Should I see a dermatologist?”

    Allergies don’t always have dermatological symptoms. Please discuss with your General Practice Vet as to which specialist you should be referred to. As he has not responded to the treatment provided so far.

    Either dermatology (dermatologists treat allergies), Internal Medicine or a ear, nose and throat specialist.

    I assume your General Practice Vet has ruled out medical conditions, done lab work and other diagnostic testing? If not, start there. ASAP

    PS: Let him skip meals if he’s not interested. As long as he’s drinking water. Just offer him his meal twice a day, pick up after 10 minutes if not consumed, store in fridg and offer at the next mealtime. If he doesn’t eat solid food times 3 days go to the vet to find out why he has a poor appetite.

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    Thanks guys for the tips. We have racked our brains for months trying to determine anything at all that could be causing the upper respiratory issues. Nothing comes to mind that has changed. His blankets are washed in “Hypoallergenic” soap, and I also have seasonal allergies myself so we use nothing scented, not even our deodorant or soap. Due to our history of adopting older dogs, we don’t have carpet anymore, we installed tile floors and use throw rugs which are washed often, nothing different since the day he was adopted 4 years ago and this started one year ago. Scoured outside as well looking for anything new, and nothing, but it seems to be steady with Freddie regardless of season. I had hopes that the hard freeze would end his issues, but nothing different. Vet gives him clean report, blood work good, appetite good, just damn post nasal drip and eye discharge…looks like my friend who has a bad case of hayfever in spring, but freddies lasts all year. Thanks again

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    Weruva (classic) has several options: beef, tuna, mackerel and lamb

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    Sorry to hear that your dog has those respiratory issues. I see that you’ve taken him to the vet, but have you tried getting a second or third opinion? Maybe there’s an expert on these kinds of things somewhere that you can consult.

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