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    Barbara P

    My 4 year old golden, Colby, has been allergy tested and has several food allergies. The two dry foods recommended were Blue Seal Natural 26 or Perscription Diet d/d potato and duck. I’ve been feeding him the BS Natural 26 since June but his face is turning white since starting this. Can anyone tell me if the Perscription Diet would be a better choice? There’s not a lot of info on limited ingredients dry dog foods. He is only 4 years old and he’s beginning to look like he’s 7. I’m open for suggestions.
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    Hi Barbara-
    I’m not sure of what the allergies are, but have you looked in to Nature’s Variety or Natural Balance’s Limited Ingredient foods?

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    Allergy tests are notorious for both their false positives and false negatives.

    I agree with C4C, I’d take a look at Nature’s Variety Instinct LID. My Golden with food intolerance issues does better on it than anything else.

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    Barbara P

    Thank you so much crazy4cats and DogFoodie,
    I truly appreciate your recommendations. Colby’s allergies include beef, salmon, poultry mix, eggs, soy, lamb, kelp, and green peas. After looking up the foods, I noticed that peas is the third ingredient in the Nature’s Variety Instinct LID and there is salmon oil in the Natural Balance. The Natural Balance carries the same 2+ star value as the Natural 26 that I am feeding him now but it does not have all the corn (GMO?) that Natural 26 has.
    I just got his ears and his scratching under control but I’m nervous that it is making him old before his time. I’m still perplexed.
    Thank you for your input.

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