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    We just got a french bulldog pup, shes currently on dry puppy kibble by Fromm.

    We were talking to our vet, and they reccomended for our frenchie, that we should find a food with:
    -Over 30% protein

    I know that our Fromm exceeds the protein, but i’m having trouble finding a food that has all of these in it. And when i was at the vet i figured i’d ask after we checked out and didnt see her again, we’re going back in two weeks, but i’m just trying to figure this out now if possible.


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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Kevinh219 –

    It sounds like you have a knowledgeable vet – it’s always nice to see a vet recommending a more species-appropriate diet rather than the big name veterinary brands like Science Diet and Purina. 🙂

    Rather than looking for a food that has all of these items, I’d suggest just finding a few grain-free puppy foods with over 30% protein that you like and adding the glucosamine, chondroitin and L-carnitine separately. Most supplements present in commercial foods are just for marketing anyways, the food rarely contains high enough levels to have any therapeutic effect. Glucosamine, chondroitin and L-carnitine can all be purchased from human supplement stores/websites – Swanson Vitamins has great prices. Just check with your vet to get recommended dosages.

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    I don’t know about all the ingredients, but Wellness Core Small Breed meets a lot of those criteria. My Cavaliers are eating it as their dry now and Lucy is eating the Small Breed Healthy Weight (not gf).

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