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    I need some help and advice. My dog Titus, a 12 year old Pit Bull, has terrible allergies. Well after one vet is now denying service because I am not satisfied with them after a $211 visit, one vet who I found is pretty decent I am at a stand still. His blood work is great, his lungs and heart clear, not really overweight it has been determined “ALLERGIES” We cannot afford to see a dermatologist or get the spots biopsied, can anyone, lol? So we were told change the food. She has recommended Hill’s Prescription Diet Z/D Canine Ultra Allergen-Free, I cannot afford this. Does anyone have any recommendations to an alternative? He will not eat dry unless I mix it with canned. He gets 1/2 can + same amount of dry mixed 2 times a day, vet is fine with this. She said change treats or do not give him any… does anyone want to tell him he cannot have a treat, lol? Please give me your ideas, thank you.

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    When you say “spots” are you referring to hot spots?
    My dog started scratching a lot and getting hot spots as well. I did take him to the dermatologist and he can only assume it’s a food allergy as he has been tested for airborne allergies and come up clean. He recommended Z/D as well but the ingredients are crap so I’m doing my own food trial. Problem is with allergies they want you to feed him a hydrolyzed protein which is what the Z/D can provide. Other option is raw. I have 2 large dogs and raw is too costly. I’m going to switch his food to Great Life which is very minimal ingredients to see what happens. However you need to know it can take about 8 weeks to see any difference.
    I am also trying the Bertes Digestion Blend and *AANGAMIK® DMG LIQUID, also from B-Naturals. Unfortunately allergies is a tough fight. When I took my guy to the dermatologist, we went to the University of Madison which has a vet school. Prices are much more reasonable and they do a very thorough investigation as they have vets in training. If you have a vet school nearby you might want to give them a try. Good luck!

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    If you are trying to determine what your dog is allergic to then it is absolutely essential that treats are of the same protein and carb source as the food you are trying and that everything is limited to as few different ingredients as possible or you will never be able to figure out what your dog is reacting to.

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    I need help also. I have a seven year old female lab/pointer mix. She was found abandoned as a puppy, full of ticks, mouth sores and mange. About two years ago she started scratching under her mouth and licking her belly so much it became raw and infected. I visited several vets who would put her on antibiotics to clear up the belly, but it always comes back. It is now mostly cleared up and itching controlled somewhat with Benadryl. I have talked with the canine dermatologist at the local university and she wants me to do the 8 week food trial before she does a blood test for allergies. She said use a food that has only ingredients that the dog has never had before. Therein lies my challenge. She has previously been on many different foods. I did an 8 week trial using Canidae Pure Sea, but she is still scratching, has terrible flatulence and gurgling stomach. Can anyone recommend a food to try since it now appears she has a sensitive stomach also. The vet also said to avoid grain and chicken. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I’m sorry your dog is going through this. There are a few foods that might help. Wellness has a Simple line that is hypoallegenic. I don’t know if your dog has had all the proteins they include in their line, or not, but you could look into those. There is a mail order food called Brothers that has a good allergy food, but it comes in only one flavor (turkey, I believe). You might look into that, as well. And, even though I don’t agree that Natural Balance uses Diamond as one of their manufacturers in this case I’m going to recommend them for your dog. They are limited ingredient, grain free, and have some novel proteins like duck, venison, rabbit. Nature’s Variety is another company with limited ingredient diets. They come in Turkey, Duck and Lamb. California Natural, by Natura, can be a good allergy food, however, they are going through a recall for salmonella (I think) at the moment so I wouldn’t consider them at this time. Most of the foods I’ve mentioned also have “matching” treats and canned food to facilitate use. I’m sure there are other good foods and I’m also sure other posters will let you know soon. But, these are some that came to my mind. I hope this helps some.

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    Thanks so much for your suggestions! I will certainly look into these foods to see if the proteins and ingredients are those that my dogs can tolerate.

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