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    Hi, I am not a person who buys pet food from the grocery store for my dane, i know they are usually poor quality even if grain free. So I please need feedback if any one has tried them they are cheaply priced and seem ok but I have my doubts on the protein source and quality.I contacted walmart about that but no response. Please let me know guys



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    dont understand how the advisor rates this 5 star—
    12.5 can is $1.00—called them—-
    confused me—how could a 5 star food ==$$$$2.39—-over $3—normal price,
    blue–wellness-merrick-etc–and all are great—

    how eventhough its a big chain store sell a 5 star for a buck–so i investigared–heres 1 of the results–and also—-dont buy it—-
    here it is–;;;;;;;;;

    From Missy: “Two of my pets died this weekend. One was kidney failure but he also had heartworms. The little one that was healthy before Jan.14, 2007 died from pneumonia, both dogs ate Ol’Roy dog foods. When I first took the little one to vet cause she had trouble raising & walking they thought she had back problems. It wasn’t until she had difficulty breathing that they did blood work right after the recall. Could her death be caused from the poison? Her symptoms varied from fever, bloody lose stool, excessive drinking and urination, weight loss, and pneumonia. She was sick from Jan.14 – March 25,2007. All the symptoms took place over this period of time! Could it have been caused by the poison?”

    thats only qon–also biscut recalls and other things—–

    again A 5 STAR FOR A BUCK—NO WAY

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    Joet, I don’t like pure balance at all, but it doesn’t cause heartworms or pneumonia. This was written by someone who didn’t take care of their dogs and wants to blame it on someone else.

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    Hi Ana-
    I have used Walmart’s Pure Balance canned food and thought it was a great value. My dogs loved it and they did well on it. I even used the one that is not grain free and didn’t think there was really that much rice in it. It looked and smelled very good. I also have used Kirkland cuts in gravy frequently. Canned food is way too expensive. I don’t think you should feel bad about using either one of these brands. It’s a good way to add less processed food to your dog’s kibble. Right now, I’ve been adding some frozen raw nuggests, sardines, or eggs to their kibble in the evenings because I got tired of recycling so many cans! But, I think I’m going to go back to the canned soon. They really like it! Good luck.

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    i agree with patty food can’t cause those issues joet but thanks to every one for your help I’ll keep researching it, as a pet nutrition advisor I also need to know what other people think. thanks guys!!!

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