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    I switch food plans, but dog is still over weight..

    I think maybe I am confused on what and when to feed this dog..

    I give her a cup of wet food for breakfast and one cup sometime cup and a half of dry food for dinner..

    I have her on Pure Balance..

    Just what is the proper portions to feed a black lab mix, she weighs about 60 pounds..
    She was nice a trim two years ago when we got her, now she has a extra large belly..

    If someone could advise me on when to feed and the portions, wet and dry or all dry..

    Maybe I’m with the wrong food also, what woyld you suggest..



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    Yeah that doesn’t sound like much food. How much should she weigh? Do you give her treats during the day? How is her activity level? Have you considered having a blood panel done to check her thyroid levels? How old is she?

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    After a walk which is three times a day she get’s a small cookie..

    Activity is laying around unless I take her out..
    She’ll run and play once we are out, she’ll chase the bunnies, geese, ducks, squirrels, loves to roam the brush on the side of the trials..hunting

    I’ll ask the Vet on Monday she has an appointment for her shots update

    When we got her two years ago she weighed 40 pounds.. Sometimes I feel like I’m depriving her of food..
    She snacks when I do if I have ice cream she’ll have a very small dish, She doesn’t like apples or any type of fruit, vegetables yes she likes these except green beans..

    She is roughly nine years old..I took her off the humane society, she had been abandoned, because she was unadoptable because of her age, and she was ready to be euthanized and I don’t like this..At this time they guessed her age as 6 to 7 years..

    We gave her everything she wanted, I guess we treated her like a child of the family rather than a dog..



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    Hi Ron-
    Your dog is very lucky that you saved her! Sounds like she is living the good life. 20lbs overweight is probably hard on her though. You could definitely cut back on the treats! The dog food calculator reads that she should be getting about 950 calories a day for a dog with typical activity that should weigh 40lbs. Do you know how many calories are in a cup of her kibble or the cup of wet food that you are feeding have?

    Yes, think about having a full senior blood panel done at the vets on Monday. Sometimes older dogs can have thyroid issues that make it very difficult to lose weight. Let us know how the vet visit goes.

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    I will try to calculate the amount of calories per serving..

    I asked the wife and she said yes we’d ask the Vet to do the blood work for Thyroid

    Just hate seeing her like this, she is active when were out around the lake and the woods, but I also guess the extra treats need to be stopped..

    Thanks for your feedback..

    I’ll report back with what I find out..


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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