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    Bobby D

    Hi, I’m new to the forum. My 15 year old diabetic male rat terrier (Skeeter) now has pancreatitis. He underwent treatment over the weekend at the vet. The veterinarian sent him home with a case of “Hills prescription diet i/d Canine Gastrointestinal Health”. (No more Alpo Chop Shop!) I understand that a low fat diet is essential, and the new food is indeed low fat. I put Skeeter and my younger female rat terrier (Dixie) both on the new food. Now both dogs have diarrhea. BTW, the Hills is far from it’s expiration date. I’m afraid to give them anymore. What should I feed them? Is it normal for a diet change like this to cause diarrhea?

    Bobby Dipole

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    Hi, and I’m sorry to hear that your little dog has this. I’m not recommending Hills but the diarrhea is probably coming from an abrupt diet change. I’m sure you didn’t transition to the Hills…I apologize if I’m wrong on this. Anyway, there are a few foods I would consider for a dog prone to pancreatitis. Annamaet Lean is a good food (annamaet.com). It can be ordered form Chewy.com or Wag.com, and other places. I can’t get it locally so I would have to order online. Wellness Core Reduced Fat is another I would try. Wellness is available most places like Petsmart and Petco. Wellness also has a Small Breed Healthy Weight that might work and a line called Simple that has a healthy weight formula. I love Wellness. Victor dog food (I order mine from Sportdogfood.com) has a senior formula that looks good, too. Remember, whatever you choose try to transition slowly from whatever he’s eating now. If that’s not possible try adding some plain canned pumpkin to the food to help firm up stools during transitioning. Not pie filling, just plain pumpkin.

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    chris h

    Hi ,I’m also very new to forum. My 15 year old miniature dash hound just diagnosed with pancreatitis refuses to anything any suggestions???

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