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    Cindy T

    Hi All-

    I have a Malshi who is teething terribly and am looking for a good chew treat for him. The thing is, for such a tiny dog, he destroys things pretty easily; rips ears of of his toys, shreds his ropes, Virbac C.E.T. chew sticks are gone pretty quickly, etc. I was considering greenies but not hearing great things and I’ve also heard about the Himalayan root but not sure that will work for him. Any suggestions? I’d like for him to have something he can enjoy instead of just a hard rubber toy. Thanks!

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    • This topic was modified 8 years, 4 months ago by Cindy T.
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    How about a whole raw carrot? You could even freeze it first, the cold would be soothing to his teeth. Don’t be alarmed if you see carrot chunks in his feces, they don’t digest carrots well, but it doesn’t hurt them (one carrot per day).
    I would start brushing his teeth once a day to get him used to it. Small breeds tend to have lousy teeth and you may be able to avoid a professional cleaning or two.
    I like Petrodex 6.2 oz tube (chewy.com) and a medium brush, see YouTube for how to videos.

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    I have used bully sticks with my pup when he was teething (still do, he loves them things), and they worked pretty well. I would give no more than 2-3 inches per day for a small dog. I have used fish skins, stingray tails (those last a LONG time for us), even small rugged antlers. He still gets all those chews as an adult dog just because he loves chewing, but when he was a pup, they helped keep his mouth occupied (and not destroying other stuff, like underwear) and they are all healthy chews. Lamb ears would work for small dogs as well (the bully stick you can take away after 2-3 inches are gone, or get some small ones from http://www.bestbullysticks.com – they have great natural chew options). The carrot is a good idea. A small celery stalk may work too, if you want to go the frozen veggie route. Brushing is pretty important too, so I won’t repeat what anonymously suggested, just second their opinion. 🙂

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