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    Melissa L

    I have a dog with a poultry allergy and I am having a difficult time finding a good quality, pate consistency canned food that doesn’t have chicken meal or chicken fat. Would like a red meat version if possible. Any suggestions?

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    elaine c

    when you use canned dog food it is good to know that the “food” in the can is cooked in the can so there could be some metal leaching… Try Answers Pet food look it up Answerspetfood.com

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    Melissa L

    elaine c, what does this have to do with my question?

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    ZiwiPeak beef (canned pate, not chunky). It’s not raw though.

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    Joelle V

    I have a dog with a very sensitive stomach and I use Petcurean. It is premium, rated 5 stars, not inexpensive. I use the go-sensitive single protein grain free cans that are pate. I use the fish, although others are good too.
    Good luck,

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    Melissa, I cant answer your question but I’d “like” your reply to Elaine if i could!

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    I don’t know if Kasiks and FirstMate 50/50 are pate consistency but Hound and Gatos is. They have chicken free recipes.




Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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