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    anyone have a suggestion for a new food for my giant breed puppy.
    IS on hightly rated artemis fresh mix large breed puppy but stools are very loose
    all the time (like pudding/soft serve). Tested for giardia,etc and all is fine plus
    was wormed twice for 5 days on Panacur just to be sure.
    she may have a chicken allergy so was going to try Solid Gold Wolf cub but seems very
    grain heavy. Would be wonderful to find a 4 or 5* food that produces firmer stools.
    I know Hounddog lady (think that’s her name) has a list of grain free with lower calcium and
    phosphorus, but I’ve been told by so many breeders, vets, etc that although grain free
    is best for adults (both my spaniels are on Acana and Wellness core ocean)
    Pups should not be deprived of grains first 9 months-1 year.
    Would welcome any advice
    Thank you
    Michael and Samuel the Spaniel and Sophie the Komondor

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    Hound Dog Mom

    There’s no scientific basis for not feeding a grain-free food to a large breed puppy – just old wives tales. My last two hounds were weaned onto grain-free with no issues. But if you really don’t want to feed a grain-free food I believe Fromm and Nature’s Variety have some appropriate formulas. I know Innova Large Breed Puppy was good but that was recently recalled. I’m working on compiling a list of appropriate grain-inclusive foods because some people don’t want to feed grain-free.

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    I had good luck with fromm large breed puppy (grain inclusive) with half Natures Variety rabbit. Mixed half/half for my bulldog.

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    Thank you
    I used fromm gold puppy food for my previous spaniels and they did well.
    We’re beginning to think that she could have a poultry/chicken allergy.
    I was really hoping the Artemis would work
    For now, going to try Solid Gold Wolf large pup and I also ordered canine caviar which gets
    good reviews, Lamb Dinner with venison

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    Houng dog mom!
    what grain free would your reccommend for my giant baby!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    If you wanted to go the grain-free route – any of the formulas mentioned in the large breed puppy nutrition thread would be good.

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    Thank you HDM
    I can’t seem to find the large breed puppy thread but definitely want to go grain free for Baby
    Sophie. Her poop is now perfect as temporarily I decided to put her on the Spaniels’ diet;
    mxiture of wellness ocean core and Nature’s Variety Beef. Also (for the spaniels) use
    Acana Ranchlands and Grasslands.
    I say temporarily, as the calcium and phosphorous levels are much too high but sure just a few
    days won’t hurt
    I ordered Canine Caviar Lamb Dinner with Venison (almost grain free) as it came highly recommended
    we will see

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    Hound Dog Mom

    If you go to the “Diet and Health Issues Forum” the Large Breed Puppy Nutrition thread is the second thread listed (it’s highlighted in yellow).

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