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    Angela S

    I have an elderly Dane who has allergies to several ingredients: chicken, lamb, salmon, pea, corn, wheat, rice… Yep, pretty much every ingredient in dog foods.

    She’s been on the Natural Balance LID Kangaroo and Potato formula, which is the only one I’ve found without any of these ingredients. However, it looks like they are discontinuing this food.

    Any thoughts on another food out there that will meet her needs? Or am I going to have to make it as I go?

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    California Natural makes a kangaroo food; you will have to look at the ingredients.
    There are foods that have beef, turkey, duck, goat, bison 7 other novel proteins.
    You could feed raw where you have lot of other proteins but it will probably be more costly.

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    Freddy w

    It’s expensive but you can try any of these


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    Angela S

    Thank InkedMarie and Freddy W… I checked the ingredients on these and there are things she is allergic to… So frustrating! May have to go with raw… I know it will be expensive, but I’m already spending a lot on what I’ve been feeding her (close to $70/bag).

    Any other ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

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    What about another variety within Natural Balance, like the Rabbit and Potato?

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    Cheri A

    I got my dog last year and changed his diet to “good” food. I noticed he would get very bad rashes until I found American Natural Sensitive. No Rashes. I tried the original thinking maybe his Rash was environmental and the rashes came back. I’m going back to the sensitive and I hope it works. My heart breaks cause I can’t even pet him because of the reaction to the rash.

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    Hi, have a look at “Brothers Complete” their kibbles are egg based & they have a Venison & Egg & Turkey & Egg kibbles even if there’s 1 ingredient in a kibble like peas still give it a go, email the company to make sure their kibbles or wet tin foods are guaranteed they normally are & see if they will refund your money if anything were to happen like sloppy poos, itchy skin etc …..
    I thought Patch was getting bad wind pains & bad farts from peas, so I was avoiding kibbles with peas & most grain free kibbles have peas anyway I saw a kibble that looked really good & the peas were the 5th or 6th ingredient & I thought look we’ll give it a go & I couldn’t believe it Patch had no wind pain or any bad farts also I was avoiding potatoes the year before cause a vet prescription diet we tried gave Patch real bad diarrhea it was just Fish & Potatoes even vet believed Patch couldn’t eat any kibbles with potatoes…… I ended up cooking some boiled potatoes & added about 1 spoon to his meals & he was OK then I added 2 spoons of the potato & he was still doing firm poos, so always re check ingredients even Dr Jean Dobbs recommends to have the Salvia testing done yearly cause something they couldn’t eat 1-2 yrs ago they can eat now & they are probably sensitive to something new… Here’s the Brothers Complete link it may not work you may have to google it http://www.brotherscomplete.com/cart.html

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    Angela S

    Thank so much everyone for the responses! Any other ideas are welcome! 🙂

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    Just curious, what test indicated she had all these “food allergies”?
    Oh, and food sensitivities fluctuate.

    Has the dog had a senior workup? There very well could be other reasons for symptoms (although you never described any) have you ruled out medical, via lab work and a good physical exam by a veterinarian?

    “Food Allergies are probably over-diagnosed in dogs (they account for, perhaps 5-10%). Hypoallergenic diets are occasionally, but not frequently, helpful in canine atopy cases but you should always give them a try. Food intolerances are more common – but considerably more likely to result in digestive disturbances and diarrhea that in itching problems”.

    Check the search engine here for allergies: /forums/search/allergies/

    http://skeptvet.com/Blog/?s=allergies You may find some helpful information at this site.

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    Oops! Error/delete, I posted in the wrong thread.

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