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    Jennifer H

    Due to food allergies, we switched our dogs to Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials chicken and sweet potato. If I recall. We had them on TOTW before that. Petsmart did not have the chicken flavor when we had to buy food last month, so we got the lamb and brown rice, which they seemed to love. Now, we’ve switched back to the chicken; this was on Monday of this week. Last night, one of my dogs, Kaia (the one with allergies, as well as GI issues) started vomiting up the food. We noticed that this bag had an unusually high amount of the dried carrots, peas, and cranberries, but didn’t think much about it at the time. My husband seems to think that it’s too much for my Kaia. She had me up all night with the vomiting.

    Has anyone had an experience with the Pure Essentials line of products, or known anyone who has? Any ideas why she all of a sudden doesn’t seem to tolerate the food? Of course, I will call the vet, but thought maybe someone here could offer advice as well. Thanks!

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    Nutrisca salmon and chickpea dry works best for my dog that has allergies and a sensitive stomach. It is grain and potato free. See the reviews at

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    Hi, your dog probably has food intolerances to an ingredient in this kibble, it can take days for some dogs to have a reaction to a kibble when they have food sensitivities or food intolerances, when they have food allergies which is very rare, the dog has a reaction that day after eating….. when my boy eats potatoes as soon as he eats them within 20mins, he gets a red rash all over chest, then if I keep feeding the potatoes, he has bad diarrhea, Food allergies are like when people cant eat peanuts, but food intolerances can take up to 21 days to see any symptoms, itchy ears, itchy anus, red paws, hive like lumps all over body, sloppy poo, diarrhea, itchy mouth,vomiting, hair loss etc… right down all the ingredients from the kibble & avoid these ingredients in other kibbles also is the fat% higher?? …there’s a new group on Face Book that has heaps of info about food intolerances & food allergies…. there’s even an offer thru “Immune IQ” Home assessment kits that test the dogs Salvia & Hair, with 55% off normal price for only $45 when you get a coupon…. all info is on the F/B “Dog Allergy international group” page just scroll down & you’ll see a white Labrador & a hand with a cotton tip in his mouth….

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    It could be a bad batch of food…….I’d call the company and tell them your dog became ill after eating this food, and return the opened bag to Petsmart. I wouldn’t continue to use it…. Maybe Petsmart will give you a refund.

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