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    Regina D

    I wrote here a few weeks ago. Alf, 5 yo rescue standard poodle/Intermittent diarrhea/terrible stomach gurgling, & wouldn’t eat on those days. Vet did stool tests (negative) and gave Flagyl & probiotics on the chance they might help. They didn’t. Got some good suggestions here — Thank you! I continued my search on the internet and even wrote to Dr. Tim (as someone here recommended). He suggested I cut out everything but one food. I tried his dry food first, but that didn’t help. However, upon his advice, added to that of my research, I concluded Alf might have a food intolerance. I decided to try LID Lamb. Alf has been on NB LID Lamb (and absolutely nothing else) for 8 days. He eats 3 cans a day (in 3 feedings). He has not had one day of the above symptoms. Such a relief! This problem has been so troubling. We still hold our breaths every potty break, hoping there will be no diarrhea – so far, so good! I am not that happy with NB’s review (3+) on Dog Food Reviews, but it has solved a big problem for us. Does anyone have other brand suggestions? I hate to change when NB is working, but we might consider something else after another month or so.

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    You might check out Hound & Gatos or Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance or Artisan lines, and Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal.

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    I’m so glad the NB Lamb has worked for your dog. I wouldn’t change much, yet, until he’s settled for awhile. I do know that NB was bought by Del Monte, which is not a good thing, imho, so just be diligent in feeding it. Sandy above has made some good suggestions for later. I feed Wellness to my crew.

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    Regina D

    Thanks for the suggestions. I buy from Chewy. They carry Wellness lamb and Oatmeal. I may try that once we get settled in. My husband gave Alf one piece of raw meat & bone chicken wing Saturday & he had an upset stomach all day yesterday – no vomiting or diarrhea, but lots of gurgling & wouldn’t eat a bite – just slept all day. Much better today. We will be sticking with NB & only NB for quite a while.

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    Regina D

    Are these limited ingredient foods, like NB & Wellness, complete foods? Or do I need to add supplements if fed long-term?

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