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    Di F

    Hi. I’m new to this group and haven’t had a chance to read everything yet plus I’m sure this has been asked b4.
    I rescued a 6 yr old Maltese/Terrier a week & a half ago. I’ve already taken him to my vet (obtained his previous medical records). He’s physically healthy but suffered from anxiety.
    He has an appetite and will eat what I’m eating but turns his nose up at every dry or wet food I give him. Between wet & dry we’ve 7 different types so far.
    Any suggestions would be most welcome. I feel so bad when I know he’s probably hungry but won’t eat.

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    Just mix a little scrambled egg and a splash of water in with the dog food

    Don’t leave food down, offer twice a day, if he doesn’t eat within 15 minutes, put the food in the fridge and offer at the next mealtime.
    Good luck

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    Spy Car

    Feed him a Prey Model Raw diet. He will love it and be much healthier as a result.

    A dog who refuses to eat so-called “dog food” is a smart dog. Dogs were not shaped by evolution to eat a cereal-based diet.


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    Do you have any idea what he was eating before you rescued him?

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    Hi Di F,
    sounds like he was feed a cooked diet, you might have to cook for him, feed him what you eat as long as it has no onions, no ingredients dogs can’t eat..
    join face book groups, like Monica Segals group called “K-9 Kitchen”
    Lew Olson f/b group called “K-9 Nutrition”

    *Judy Morgan DVM here’s her Pup loaf very easy to make & is balanced.

    *Here’s Dr Judy Morgans face book page. ‘Like’ & follow her, there’s lots of good information..

    He’ll be healthier eating cooked diet instead of dry or wet dog food.. He’s a Smart dog & can tell the difference from a fresh cooked meal & processed meal…

    You could look at at Freeze Dried raw & Air Dried raw..send “Ziwi Peak” email & explain what is happening & ask for some samples of their air dried formula’s, make sure you include your address & ph nb..
    “Ziwi Peak” –
    Do the same with “Kiwi Kitchen” –

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    Di F

    Hey. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions/tips.
    Tried raw (he hated it) then tried the suggestion to
    Put a scrambled egg in his quality kibble. Once I added a little shredded mozzarella we made baby steps.

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    Di F

    @ crazy4cats.. I know very little about his background other than he was left alone or shipped off to a dog sitter for over 12 hours a day. His previous owner did comment that he would jump up on the table and steal your food (which he’s never done with me once). I think he may have been repeatedly yelled at or hit.

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    He will eat when you stop catering to him.
    He is training you! Offer him his meal twice a day, leave it for 15 minutes, don’t hover over him. Observe and if he does not eat, pick up the food, cover and store in the fridg. Offer again at the next mealtime.
    Continue to add something tasty like a bit of boiled egg and a splash of water.
    Let him go on a hunger strike, be strong.
    Tough love….

    Give him NOTHING ELSE except have fresh water available 24/7. Do not give him your food, in fact I would remove him from the dining area when you are eating.
    Maybe gate him, where he can see you. He has to learn your meal is not his!
    Otherwise you will always have to share. I am sure he will eat when he is hungry, it may take up to 72 hours. I would not be concerned up until 72 hours. At that time I may give in :-/

    PS: Stop buying all these different foods! Store the opened bags of kibble in tightly closed containers or freezer bags and store in the fridg, if you have room, so it will stay fresh longer.
    Opened cans throw out after 3 days of being stored in the fridg.
    Also, his prepared meal should be okay for at least 2 days (covered and stored in the fridg)
    Sniff it first 🙂
    I would stop treating him like he is fragile. It can take an adult dog at least a month to adjust to a new home, regardless of how he was treated in his last home.

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    Also, it is not unusual for a dog to not want to eat when he is in new surroundings.
    Some dogs eat very little or stop eating went they are sent to a kennel (owner on vacation).

    If he doesn’t eat for 3 days, call the vet and see what he suggests. Make sure he is drinking water.

    Give us an update…. We are all pulling for him!

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    If he continues to suffer from symptoms of anxiety. I would put a call in to the veterinarian that examined him, leave a message for him to call you back when he has a minute and ask if prescription medication for depression/separation anxiety may help your dog to get through the transition of adjusting to a new home.

    After he is stable for a few months, under the guidance of your veterinarian you can gradually taper him off…….just a thought.

    PS: I am not talking about supplements.
    Dogs, just like people can grieve (former owner) and suffer from anxiety and depression.
    Why not take advantage of the treatment available?

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