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    Holly C

    My dog, Rumsfeld, a mixed breed 10 year old, had joint troubles and was just diagnosed with hip dysplaysia. I just put him on a new joint supplement a month ago- Missing Link Hip and Joint. It’s a miraculous difference! It comes in a powder form, and my dog will eat it when sprinkled on his ToTW. He moves much better, and it’s getting better every day. I’ve also had my horse on Missing Link Equine. It truly is a great product for a great value. Heres the site- https://www.smartpakequine.com/dog-supplements-232pc

    If you are an equestrian, you probably know about SmartPak. They sell horse supplements in custom made doses, shipped automatically to you for cheap. They just started selling canine supplements this year, and it’s the best program ever! You also get a organizing system for free. I pay 12.25/mo for his supplements. I’m thinking about buying their pet food, as well. Like the supplements, it also comes in pre-packaged baggies with your dog food. Seems like a good idea.

    Pst- I promise I don’t advertise or anything, but I do tend to get really excited when I find something that works!

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    Smart Pak has been around awhile. I’ve thought about using them in the past but just never got around to doing it. Something to think about, though. Missing Link has been around a long time, too. I know lots of people that use and recommend it. I used it some years ago for my dogs but not recently. I have used it for my cat within the last 6 months, though. I used the Wellblend kind because it’s good for cats and dogs.

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    For someone who has a single dog/horse or needs a supplement for just one for some other reason, SmartPak is a bargain, but if you have multiples and they all get something, buying it yourself in bulk is way cheaper.

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    Harpers Mom

    I’ve got horses who need multiple supplements, and although buying in bulk is cheaper, smartpak a are more convient way for them to get them as I am not the only one to feed them.

    I personally wouldn’t recommend their dog food.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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