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    Hi I have a schnauzer named Sammy and he’s 10 years old and she’s just one of the family.
    She’s had a history of bladder stone issues since she was a puppy. All her life we’ve been in control of it for her. For the last few years she’s been on grain free dog food because we’ve discovered that the grain stuff was bad for her.

    But long story short she went into the vet a few weeks ago for a check up and we had an x-ray done on Sammy. Finding a built up of bladder stones, it was bad. Bad enough put Sammy on the s/d dog food they gave us. First off the people at the Vet are nice and my family and I like them.

    The dog food has helped Sammy get rid of some the bladder stones and only a few remain. But the main problem now is that she’s lost a lot of weight, slowly gaining it back we have her on, her old canned dog food.

    She needs to get her strength and normal weight back. One of the draw backs is she can’t hold her potty sometimes and make’s a mess… Not fun for her and us…
    Is there anything natural we can to build up her weight. I want Sammy to have fun again playing with her toys…

    Any advice would be great ?

    I’m glad I found this site 🙂

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    I would call your vet and ask him to call you back when he has a minute (rather than discussing the matter with the vet tech that answers the phone) shouldn’t be a charge.
    It depends on what type of bladder stones your dog has as to what you can add to the diet.
    Ask the vet what you can use for a topper to mix with the prescription food. For example, dogs love a spoonful of chopped up broiled chicken liver added to the meal.

    And, add water to the meals, frequent bathroom breaks to keep the bladder flushed. I find that 4 small meals per day instead of 2 regular seems to help too.

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    Ah, I don’t want vet food anymore it did it’s job getting rid of most, of those stones. Rest of the stones are just a few and will deal with them later.

    Right now I need to fatten her up some before she get’s to skinny, she’s lost a lot of weight.

    This coming Tuesday all be taking her back to the vet for a check up and xray but from here on out I don’t want her on anymore vet diet dog food. Sammy is a healthy dog and plays like a puppy for her age 🙂

    Four meals a day all try that thanks. But what I’m wondering if theres any dog food that will help make her gain weight faster.

    Oh, and her potty isn’t an issue.

    Just feed her some can just now…


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    Check the search engine (home page on this site) for bladder stones, struvite, calcium oxalate, those are the most common types of stones for dogs, maybe you can find some helpful information…..but it is best to run things by the vet before making changes.

    Gradual weight gain is better, you don’t want rapid weight gain, it will stress her system.
    Best of luck

    PS: As your vet will confirm, dogs that have a tendency to make bladder stones have to be on a special diet the rest of their lives, this is a serious condition and it just doesn’t go away.

    Ask him if you can skip the x-rays and testing urine PH as long as she is urinating normally and having no difficulty? Ask him the warning signs to look for.
    Ask the vet if Wysong senior kibble soaked in water overnight with water added and a lean meat topper such as cooked chicken breast chopped up is okay? That’s what my guy likes.

    I would comply with the prescription food for now, unless your vet advises differently. If your vet okays that you can add something tasty to it, it might make a big difference.
    And don’t forget, water, water, and more water added to the diet. Ask the vet ….but I believe this helps big time.

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    Cool… I just looked the puupy is so cute 🙂 So yeah we’ve been doing all that with Sammy when it comes to her bladder stones. As I said she’s had this all her life since she was a year old.

    As we discovered wheat and grain were the main deal causing her stones. Corn from popcorn was part of it which she doesn’t get anymore. But anyways Sammy’s Ph level is something new to us now, and I’m learning all this stuff now on caring for her bladder.

    I’m going to go ahead with the xray to see how the vet food helped and make sure she’s still good. Thanks for the advice on 4 meals a day which will be from her canned food. All let her gain weight a little bit at a time, not all at once.

    I plan to work with the vet but no more diet food. Sammy burns a lot of energy just being happy and playing 🙂

    I’m going to feed her, her 3rd helping soon and last at night.

    And yes, we let her drink a lot of water 🙂

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    Okay so what I’m looking for is a dog food that supports urinary tract health…

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