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    Wow thank you all so very much for all your imput. I will try my best to answer all your querries. I was not on the search for a puppy but my aunts female yorkie was in heat and the neighbors male found out before anyone else. Upon finding out she was pregnant they took her to regular vet visits and she gave birth with no complications to 2 females. So my family has been trading puppies for yearz and I was the only one who hadn’t been blessed yet so I was given first choice and I chose my Gracee. Anyway yes she was fed some not so good food for a Lil bit but that by no means makes her a poop pup maybe not from a reputable breeder but a good girl otherwise. Now I do have one terrible thing to confess… After acquiring her at 8 weeks I was eating some big fat green GRAPES and it was really hot that first day and I did it I gave her a grape and yes she ate some and licked some juice. To my absolute horror about a month later I had ran across an article that said grapes and raisins are extremely toxic and can cause almost immediate kidney failure. I felt so bad but figured the damage was already done and I never noticed any Wierd behavior or anything during that time. Course I wouldn’t know what to look for but being a lab tech I am taking her in this week to get her kidney functions and possibly her fasting lipids checked. Ok so yes she is on Revolution and she is due for her next dose how ever I’d like to get her on something that lasts a Lil longer. I heard tossing eucalyptus leaves and or twigs bark or branches into strategic places can eliminate most fleas is this true? And as far as I know her parents don’t have mange of any kind. she was treated for round, pin, whip, and one other kind and then I had to get a specific treatment for the tape ickees and got rid of them they seemed to be the worst and drove my baby nuts keeping her up all night… stupid things. I check her every night for re infestation but so far so good. And no bloating is apparent. I do think a fecal sample and skin scraping will also be done on our next visit. Even though worms may not be present there ovas may be which means new hatchlings. I apologize for not answering every question asked but wanted to keep this post a Lil shorter. I will reread the correspondences again and try to give the info asked for. Thank you all so much for caring about my baby. I’m so greatful to have found this forum. Oh wait so she is due for her 3rd and last vaccination so I should hold off on this last one to make sure it’s not related to her itchyness? I think her itchyness for the most part is from using human shampoo and water that was too warm and bathing her too much I started at 8 weeks and bathed her almost once a week I was told that was excessive and hind site usually being 20/20 I agree. I was also wondering if the 1rst 2nd and 3rd vaccines are the same and if not whats the difference? and is she gonna get her rabies this time? and is it possible for me to purchase the vaccine myself and give it to her myself? oh and I took her for a walk (in my arms) I forgot we have a couple flocks of wild turkeys that walk through the neighborhood and next door had homing pigeons that still stick around and nest we also have owls hawks turkey vultures skunks racoons possums and they all leave droppings is this an extra problem that she might need a different vaccine for possibly? the lepto vaccine? and next year she will be camping with us in the Stanislau National Forest where there are bears and deer. I might as well throw this in as well I have access to fresh venison pretty much the whole deer season is this good for my growing yorkie? if so how much and how often and how should I serve it to her? and can she eat the bones? horns? hoofs? is there anyother part of the animal that may or may not be good for her. thank you all so much for all your valuable information.
    Michelle and Gracee (my sunshine)

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