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    Jill N

    Hey Everyone,
    I have a 6 year old GS and lately he has been very picking about his dry dog Food. My other dogs are fine with it. I use Victor Grain Free Hero Canine. I have tried the other Victor Grain free products and non Grain free. I even tried putting some beef stock in with is food and for awhile he would eat it. So now I’m thinking of switching to another brand that might appeal to him taste wise. Any suggestions? Thank you~

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    First, has he seen the vet? Change in appetite and behavior are often the first sign that something is wrong.
    If he has been medically cleared (exam, dental, labs) then I would continue adding broth or at least water to the dry kibble of your choice.
    My chicken broth recipe

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    Jill N

    Yes, he has seen a vet due to a injured back leg back in mid Mach. He was seen again 1st part of April for a follow up and he had lost 10pds. Right then I was concerned and asked what is going on with rapid weight loss?, but they said; he probably just wasn’t feeling well enough to eat or even walk to his food bowl which is true he’s been taking it easy. He/Gunner has another Vet Appt next Monday April 30th. I will asked the vet if he will do a full panel blood work on him to be on the safe side. Gunner even dislikes pill pockets that you can get at the Vet “something he once really liked”. He’s been on pain meds for this leg issue. However he does take them in a peanut butter treat I make. Thanks for the chicken broth recipe, maybe I will try that with some cooked brown rice. Gunner has never begged for table food, but he won’t turn down a steak off the grill. I personally think he dislikes Victor Dog Food and I may try a different brand after his next Vet check.

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    The pain meds could be the source of his change in appetite. You might want to ask the vet about that too.

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