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    carolyn N

    I have a male 2 yrs old boxer pit and a female 9months old and neither one will eat dog food. I am going broke buying hamburger, steaks and chops from grocery store every night. I don’t think they are getting proper nutrition they need just from the meat, but will not eat anything mixed with it. Need some ideas on how to feed them better. They are my babies.

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    See General Guidelines for tips, get a good quality kibble as a base, add a tablespoon of topper (cooked chopped meat, scrambled egg, chicken or canned food) feed measured amounts twice a day at the same times.
    Feed them in separate dishes on opposite sides of the room. I don’t recommend free feeding (unless they have a medical condition and your vet advises differently).
    If they don’t eat after 10 minutes, pick up the food and store in the fridg, offer at the next meal time. They will eat when they are hungry.

    If they don’t eat or drink water for 72 hours consult a veterinarian.

    I also add a splash of water to their food as most dogs don’t drink enough.

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    I agree with anonymously; it’s called Tough Love.

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