My dog only wants to eat once a day but ends up vomiting from hunger?

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    I have an almost 2-year-old Shih Tzu. I feed her twice a day. Once at noon and once at 8pm. Half the time, she will eat at noon, and half the time, she will not touch it at all. I just put it away because I assume she’s not hungry. But the thing is, sometimes when she doesn’t eat her lunch, she ends up later vomiting up yellow bile. I know this is a sign that she’s hungry. But if she was hungry, why would she not eat her lunch?

    Should I start feeding her once a day at say 4 or 5pm? Because she doesn’t seem to be hungry at noon, but then maybe 8pm is too late and she gets starved. Is 4pm the happy middle? What do you think?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Vomitting bile means the stomach is empty, but it does not mean she is hungry. They are two different things. What are you feeding her? Sometimes dogs do this because their diet is too carb heavy, so instead of offering her a meal at noon, how about offering her a meat treat. And think about looking for a food that is higher in meat content.

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    Hi Tracy

    Some dogs vomit yellow bile when they miss a meal or first thing in the morning because their stomach starts to produce acid and there is no food to absorb it. If she only vomits when she misses her lunch I would make sure I gave her something she really likes, even just a little.

    I have to make sure I give my little guy something in the morning or else he sometimes will throw up bile. His favorite foods are cheese and homemade chicken jerky.

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    Hi Tracey, Shih tzu are known for stomach problems, especially pancreatitis, try a diet that is lower in fat, spewing yellow acid is a sign that she has excess stomach acid, are you sure she doesnt have acid reflux, my boy was suffering from this the begining of the year, I had to cook boiled chicken breast & boiled pumkin & also he was put on 1/3 Zantac every 12 hours 1 hour before food, this fixed the problem, as he hasnt vomited now for months thank- God, also kibbles are processed & harder on their tummy to digest.. You dont say what she is eating change whatever it is she eating, so she wants to eat & smaller meals are best 4 times a day, not the 1 big meal a day, as the acids will eat away at her stomach & will cause stomach ulcers in the end, a nice low fat dry biscuits helps..for her not to want to eat something is wrong, change her diet to a lower fat easy to digest meals & see then if she’s feeling better…nice smelling tuna or salmon as a small meal, I do the tuna & boiled pumkin for a light breakfast as Patch cant stomach his kibble for breakfast, I give the kibble for lunch & dinner but he’s on a low residue kibble that breaks up very easy & now Im adding the Wellness Simple Duck & Oatmeal, but the Holistic Select kibbles broke down easier & when water was added the Holistic Select soften real easy so he’d digest it easier then a kibble that had potatos..

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