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    Renee T

    I have 2 lab Pitt mix 2yr old litter mates and I have been feeding them homemade for almost a year and one of them has always been a little picky so I mix canned food with the homemade sometimes or put sardines or tuna on it. Recently she hasn’t been eating it I thought maybe she didn’t like the batch I had made since I used some beef liver and chicken gizzards in it. She ate it for about 3 days and now is turning her nose up at it so I made another batch more basic and she still isn’t eating much. But she will eat chicken out of her food or by hand. I use ground beef, chicken legs and thighs quarters, rice or oats, carrots, celery, usually beans like pinto or black beans, and eggs either mixed in and cooked or scrambled. This time I left out some of the ingredients and used green beans instead of black. And she is still not wanting to eat anything but the chicken out of it. Does anyone have any ideas? I am wondering if she’s not getting enough vitamins and nutrients. I give them a multi vitamin. I am considering going back to kibble or at least half and half.

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    I have the same issues with my dog. He is becoming a picky eater.

    So what I do is I exercise him long and hard by either jogging with me or playing fetch with lots of sprints in between. He eats everything afterwards

    Sometimes dogs aren’t hungry all the time and exercise helps.

    The days I can’t exercise him I just feed him one meal a day usually dinner as breakfast he tends to want to skip. He gobbles that up too.

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