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    Bee W

    i started feeding my dog (a mini schnauzer) raw food because i thought its the best for him. the reason i started doing so is because he doesn’t do well on dry food, and stars to have serious stomach ache after a month or so with the dry food (we tried a few companies/ brands). after feeding him a month or so with raw i started seeing blood in his urine so i rush to the vet and the vet tells me that i have been feeding him with a diet that contains too much protein. during that month i saw great changes: he was more energetic and less hungry, stopped looking for food when we walk outside. The vet recommended me to give him more complicated carbs like sweet potato, brown rice and etc. then i talked to a pet nutritionist and she told me it’s better to cook the meat because of different bacterias. she told me what should be the proportion between the meat, organs , carbs and vegetables and to add cooked eggs, sardines, fish oil and coco oil every day. i did what she told me and now his protein levels are okay. So i kept on going. two mounts later he acts as if he’s hungry all the time, always digging in our trash, trash outside and looking for random food. i don’t think it’s a behavior problem but maybe more nutritional. maybe i should give him raw meat again but with carbs and vegetables. please share your experience with. what do you think i need to do?

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    Start walking him for at least an hour a day. He sounds bored.
    Btw: All healthy dogs act like they are starving all the time.
    Keep the trash where he cannot get at it. Don’t leave him unattended outside.

    Didn’t you learn your lesson about raw?

    Sounds like your dog did best when you went by what the veterinarian that examined your vet advised.
    Good luck

    PS: there are no veterinary healthcare professionals affiliated with this site.

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    Nadia K

    Most dogs do really well on raw. I changed mine over because she hated kibble no matter which brand I tried. She loves it and is doing great. Are there any holistic vets in your area? Also there are several great raw feeding groups on Facebook. I am sure people there would be able to guide you.

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