My dog had Silica stones removed from the bladder and has GI issues

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    Tracie B

    I am feeding him Royal Canin GI food that is prescription- both dry and wet. Is this an okay food for preventing more silica stones.

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    Yes. Please continue to work closely with your vet for the best possible results.

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    joanne l

    If that is what the Doc gave you, than yes it is for that, and yes it is a good food.

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    My cat had a urinary blockage with struvite crystals. He’s been on Royal Canin Rx food ever since. He is doing great!

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    Lori H

    Hi Tracie,

    I highly recommend checking out the below website. I have worked with Rick surrounding the health of my dog Buddy (my testimonial is on his website) as a result of bladder stone issues among many other things. I can say that after two years of Buddy being on Rick’s program, he is healthy. Rick does free consultations and is a wealth of knowledge. I was at my whits end with Buddy’s health issues, besides the bladder stones, my vet was preparing me for the fact that my dog was going to die of liver failure. I was not willing to give up and wait for this horrible outcome. I did a Google search and found Rick and he changed our lives.

    I don’t believe that Royal Canin is a good product, my dog was on this food and gained an unhealthy amount of weight, plus there is not ONE whole ingredient that is discernible on the ingredient label and most I could not even pronounce. I am not here to bash, but most vets receive so little training in nutrition that it is best to do your own research and decide that is best for you and your pet.

    Reach out, listen to what he has to say. He is not a vet, but has spent years coming up with this program and has a passion for dogs as well as health and wellness. He changed the way I view nutrition for my pets and he saved Buddy’s life in the process. It took a while to make the change in thought process, but now, I will never go back.

    Good luck and you can always reach out to me as well should you want further details as well.


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    And here it is, the disclaimer:

    “The material on this site and any further emails is provided for educational and informational purposes only and must not be taken as “medical advice”.

    “The information and directions in these writings and subsequent emails, individually and collectively, are in no way to be considered as a substitute for consultations with a duly licensed Veterinarian regarding diagnosis and/or treatment of disease and are not intended to diagnose or treat your dog”.

    “Please consult with your Veterinarian for this advice as well as for any Medical Emergency”.

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    Lori H

    I am not stating this as a substitute to veterinary care, this is just my own personal success story. My vet is VERY aware of my dogs diet and supplement routine, it has been discussed very thoroughly with her. There are other alternatives out there and if you do research, there might be one that works better. A forum is to exchange, collaborate and educate. People will make up their minds as they see fit, but I will continue to share my success story. If I did not change my dogs diet, he would be dead.

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    All but about 5 of your 23 posts link to this Rick’s website. I might be off on the exact amount of posts, etc.

    No thanks, glad it’s working for you.

    Best of luck

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