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    Hello everyone my name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am an assistant in a publishers office. I want to ask for help regarding my Japanese Spitz dog who eats her poop everytime no one is around watching her. Is there a way to solve this problem?

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    Check the search engine here and return if you have any more questions.
    I have had a dog or two over the years that was a feces eater (coprophagia)
    The only thing I found that worked, was to follow them around with a pooper scooper when you think they are due for a bowel movement, scoop and discard immediately, out of sight out of mind. After awhile they stop turning around to look for it. In my experience, it doesn’t matter what you feed them. Sometimes puppies will out grow this nasty habit as they mature. It is what it is. You cannot let these dogs alone with their feces.
    Has the vet ruled out medical issues?
    PS: Do not free feed. Feed at the same time, twice a day and you will be able to predict when the dog will have a bowel movement.

    Or, feed once a day when you are able to take her out every 2 hours (after eating) for at least 3 times to offer bathroom breaks. A long walk/exercise will speed up the process of elimination. It works.
    Always have fresh water available.

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    susan k

    I’ve read twenty percent of all dogs eat their poop. Of my six dogs, two were poop eaters, one being Murphy. As suggested above, we watch him when he goes out a pick it up right away.
    The first poop eater I owned ate hers and our other dogs too. There were pills to discouraged the behavior but I had to give it to both dogs. The minute we stopped the behavior began.
    Good Luck

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    Yes….pick up the poop as soon as she goes.

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    Andrea O

    I have a vet on my facebook that states dogs eat their own poop or other animals normally because they are lacking the digestive enzymes needed to break down foods they are fed. I’d highly suggest in trying a different diet for your dog or trying to implement one raw meal a day or even a week. Her name BTW is Karen Becker. She goes into detail in one of her recent post about dogs eating their own poo or others and reasons why. You may be able to also find these videos on YouTube. I am unsure if I can post the links to it here.

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    Hi, what are you feeding your dog?? sometimes when a kibble is high in protein & the dog isn’t digesting his food properly he can smell the protein in it’s poo & eats it….. they say add 1 spoon boiled pumkin or 1 spoon tin pineapple to every meal..

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