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    Sam Koch

    This is weird, but she grooms her leg, then puts her whole thigh in her mouth?
    What the heck is she doing?
    Anyone else have this go on in there house?

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    I have a genetically high anxiety Pit mix that sucks on a towel to, I guess, “relax” after big meals, hard playing, before a nap. His brother is as calm as a flat ocean, go figure. However, body part sucking/biting or anything, I stop it right away unless they’re itchy. Then I scratch it for them or scrub with a cool cloth on the hot spot.

    YOUR CASE if there’s nothing medically wrong with her leg:
    Flank-sucking, which is a condition where the dog sucks on the very top of one of its hind legs, can become pathological in some cases where it is done excessively, almost with compulsion, and eventually causes damage to the skin. The fact that flank-sucking does seem to run in lines and is seen in family groups suggests a genetic component to the problem.

    For causes & ways to reduce your dog’s stress, you might be interested in this link:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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