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    I want to first apologize for my previous 2 posts as I think I should have posted them in a different part of the forum. Thank you for being patient and and answering my questions anyway. ok are breed specific brands such as royal canin any better than Blue Buffalo? and is a dry kibble better than wet? or should there be a combinatio? anyway I think she may have a skin allergy Im still investigating that. If you read my previous post you read that I gave my 8 week old a grape that she ate a pretty good part of and played with the rest for an hour or so to find out a month later to my absolute horror that they are quite toxic. I mention that as I am worried about kidney damage but have yet to make a move concerning that because of personal issues right now. She was also fed an adult type dog food not sure what kind I havent been able to contact my aunt as she is on vacation. I transitioned her the best I could to Wellness Tru Food she didnt seem to like it too much especially the little yellow pieces avoiding them completely but she is now coming close to the end of the bag and i want to gradually get her on a food that is allergen free and tasty. I feed her grilled chicken with her food every now and then and sometime for reward when training. She gets hiccups fequently but they subside quickly and doesnt seem to cause her any discomfort. Sooo taking all this into consideration….any suggestions and recommendations are greatly appreciated. I am going to ask about food from my vet but i would appreciate experienced suggestions as well. thank you to all who take the time to read my endless and frequent posts. you are greatly appreciated. thank you again,
    Michelle and Gracee (my sunshine)

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    Hi Michelle,
    No proof just my opinion that breed specific food is just a sales pitch. All dogs are different in a specific breed. Blue Buffalo has had it’s share of problems; I wouldn’t feed it. If you do a google search for Dr. Karen Beckers video on the best food, you’ll see that she feels a high quality wet food (canned, raw, dehydrated) is better than dry. Dry food is dehydrating to dogs (according to her). If you must feed dry, at least add warm water to it and/or canned.
    I doubt one grape will cause any kidney problems. Don’t bother talking dog food with your vet unless it’s a holistic vet or nutritionist. They get very little nutrition education in vet school.
    Why do you think she has a skin allergy? Pick a food and stick with it. If you keep changing foods because you think she doesn’t like it, you’re going to create a picky eater. Switching foods often is a great thing to do but leave her on one food for a bag, or more, then transition to something else.

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    Regarding breed specific foods- Even the nutritionists at Hill’s (Science Diet) state on their site, that breed specific foods are nothing more than clever marketing. Aside from oddly shaped kibbles, I wouldn’t say there is anything tailored to a yorkie in the RC Yorkshire Terrier formula.

    I feel a mixture of canned and dry is good.

    I wouldn’t worry about kidney damage from one grape. The dose makes the poison.

    Allergen free is a relative term, since you aren’t sure if she is reacting to something or what it is. Some foods are marketed at “hypoallergenic”, however they are only “hypoallergenic” to your dog if they don’t contain any of the ingredients your dog reacts to. A couple foods that my dog thinks are tasty(he’s picky) are Fromm and NutriSource. I will agree with Marie about the constant switching though. I switched my dogs food every 5lb bag and it made him more picky.

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