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    Gina D

    I have an 11 year pit/boxer mix named Kia. Before I list all her health problems, please don’t assume I should put her down; she is happy, plays ball, chases the cats and is obviously still enjoying life. The second she seems sick(er) I will put her down.

    She has Cushing’s Disease, she was diagnosed probably about 4 years ago. She has been on trilostane and is doing fantastic. Her tests always come back normal for what she has health wise.

    She was diagnosed with Diabetes about 2 years ago. We switched her food to Science Diet WD, a low protein diet. I took her sugar and gave her insulin twice a day.

    About 3 months ago she was diagnosed with cancer, either a fibrosarcoma or osteosarcoma. From all the research I did, I decided the surgery would be too hard on her, especially with the type of surgery.

    Okay, so now that you know most of her history, my vet wants to change her diet. I think her thinking is let’s treat what is (probably) bothering her most and to get some weight on her, rather than give her the low fat stuff.

    My problem is finding food for her. I have always given her dry, vet wants to change to wet. Prescription diet makes nd for cancer,but it is $3 a can. I have no problem mixing it with something, but for a 75lb dog, it is just too pricey.

    Vet said high protein, high fat, low carbs wet food. I think I may have to mix a good dry in because of $$$. Vet also suggested puppy food but it high in carbs. I am really frustrated trying to find a happy medium of nutrition and a high/medium quality wet/dry food.

    Sorry for the book. You all know how our 4 legged friends are family! Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

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    Hi Gina, are you on facebook there’s a group called “K9kitchen” run by Monica Segal, she helps with diets for dogs with cancer, another thing, she has been on Hills W/D for 2 years that is a low fat% diet as well so she’d be use to a lower fat diet….now that your going higher in protein you’d probably will be going higher in fat, if you have the money might be worth looking at a animal naturalist to make a special diet for Kia, as she has a few different health problems….you may have to feed some home cooked, it works out cheaper then the vet diets…I often see foods for cancer on the K9Kitchen group….

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    Gina D

    Thanks Susan. Yea, she has been on the W/D for 2 years so she is used to low fat. In fact I give her pumpkin with her food for fiber and as a low cal filler. She loves it, but my vet said to only give it to her as a treat since it really just fills her up and doesn’t have calories or fat in it. She doesn’t need to watch her weight anymore, we want to bulk her up..lol.

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