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    Worth reading this article. Anyone else experiencing these problems? I purchased a bag this weekend at Target that was filled with mold. Very concerning. Looks like I am not the only one.

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    Hi Jared, thanks for posting. I would have tried the new Freshpet kibble if the bags weren’t so small. I have 3 dogs, so I need big bags. It should definitely be recalled.

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    Hi Labs. I don’t remember whether your signed up at Susan Thixton’s site. ( If your not, please sign up to get her newsletters and alerts. I almost always get notified from her site much faster than any other site I’m signed up with. There are times that I’ve gotten alerts from her site a day or two before other sites send me alerts. I received her email alert on May 3rd.

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    Hey Dori, thanks for the info. I am signed up for email alerts through DFA, Susan Thixton, and everyone else that offers them LOL 😀

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    we sell these at work haven’t gotten a complaint about mold yet. hopefully it’s a fairly isolated situation

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    I have fed FreshPet and Vital to my dogs and cats here and there, mainly to my cat. After reading this I’ve decided to not buy it anymore. Sometimes I’m not too keen on the smell of it (I buy the bagged cat food nuggets). It smells too much like lunch meat to me at times. Also, sometimes my cat isn’t as keen to eat it as others (she’s mildly picky, not too much). I just feel there are other foods that are just as good to feed, like The Honest Kitchen or Stella & Chewy’s.

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    I use the Vital and the Vital Raw every few months. I used to use the Vital in the package with pieces of meat for an older dog that wasn’t eating well. The only problem I’ve ever had was that 1 bag turned very sour smelling 2 days after opening. The customer service was very good and I was contacted by a rep within a few days. So I’m thinking it might be the distributer or the way it was handled. Just my 2 cents.

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    Michaela T

    I was on the Facebook page today to learn more about this product and was horrified to see that the mold still exists. I thought of feeding this for my little Bella (she’s a toy poodle and such a fussy eater!) but now I am so scared with dogs getting sick. I don’t understand why the company has done nothing to fix these issues.

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    Jacqueline G

    I’ve been supplementing our kibble with the PetFresh tender chicken. She loves it! Last night I noticed several of the kibble chunks were moldy. After a quick search I discover this has been an issue. Our purchase came from a working refrigerator, traveled home in a freezer bag and immediately went to fridge. Lot # 1832 FBP Best Buy Date 11.18.15

    Looks like it’s still happening and I won’t be purchasing again. I’ve sent a message to PetFresh. Just saw the CEO on Jim Cramer recently bragging they’d never had a recall. Just because you haven’t recalled does not mean you shouldn’t have if there are months of complaints. And I was considering investing. NOT NOW.

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    Branden A
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    Robin C

    #freshpet blocked me from commenting on other mold victims posts on their facebook page. Please share the hell out of this.

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    MALS M

    Our dog Lola was hospitalized with hemorrhagic gastritis and colitis after eating Fresh Pet Select Tender Chicken and Vegetables Dog food in the tube. There were no visible signs of mold and we were within the expiration date. She is currently on day 3 of IV medication and hydration. The vet said she could have died.

    Anyone else have this experience?

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    No, but when I was feeding raw bones my dog experienced GI upset and blockage caused by the finely ground up bone particles, they solidify in the gut and become cement like. It happens…
    I no longer feed bones of any type or in any form. I don’t enjoy going to the emergency vet.

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    Robin C

    If any of you guys that have had mold in FreshPet foods would contact Cristin Severance at DFW CBS channel 11 with your stories.
    She is doing a story on this and all input is appreciated

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    Wild River P

    That is common with most pet foods that are in dehydrated form too. We have a company called Wild River Pet foods. All of our foods are frozen and vacuum chamber packed for freshness. You thaw & feed small bags at a time. We used the calculations that Steve wrote in his book. See Spot Live Longer.

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    Rafael C

    I bought a bag of Freshpet Vital at Petsmart last Saturday and without thinking anything of it, I fed it to my dog. The next day he came down with severe diarrhea and a fever. Took him to the vet and spent $130.00. At that time I did not know that the food had mold.
    The food just looked a little pale and I though that they must have added too much greens (vegetables) at the manufacturing plant where is made. So I proceeded to give him more of the same food when all the sudden a ball of molded food about the size of a baseball felt on the bowl. I was appalled, I called the Veterinarian and the store where I bought it and they told me that there was a press release about mold findings in FreshPet products. I asked why in the hell they keep selling this product if this is happening? They said that is because it hasn’t been recalled yet. Be aware that this is happening and they are not doing anything about it. For my part I am trying to get Petsmart to pay for my Veterinarian bill.

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    Yvonne Z

    I too fed my dog FreshPet Select Tender Chicken and Vegatables in the tube last week and had to rush her to the vet with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and acute pancreatitis. She had IV fluids for 3 days. She is home now and recovering slowly. My vet put her on Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Low Fat kibble and wet food along with several medications. She, however does not like it. I sympathize with anyone who has gone through this with their beloved pet. It is a nightmare! I am now looking for a low fat food that is more palatable for my sweet Coco girl. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. As for FreshPet, I don’t advise anyone to purchase their products.

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