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    Mikiko A

    At the vet today my 4 month old Minnie weighed in at 38lbs (she was also the runt of the litter). They told me she was on the thin side and recommended “junk” kibbles. I feed her 4health, and would like to stick with that. I have been giving her 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups in the evening. The vet recommended upping her kibble to 3 cups at each meal. So I tried doing that this afternoon and she left approximately 1 cup left in her bowl. And unfortunately no one is home to give a mid day feeding and if I left food down our Aussie would eat it. A lady at the pet store recommended that I cook chicken and rice instead of buying canned food to mix because she would get more nutrition from cooked. Is this a good idea? If so how much should I give?? http://www.youthresearchforum.co.uk/UserProfile/tabid/12533/userId/4022416/language/en-US/Default.aspx

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    How many pounds should Minnie be when she is fully grown, what breed is she??
    My boy is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier he is 18kgs = 40lbs, I only feed him around 2 & 1/2 cups when its his “Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult formula – 346Kcals per cup kibble a day + cooked lunch + 1-2 Freeze dried Mussels or when he eats “Canidae Pure Wild” 454Kcals per cup I feed 1 & 1/2 cups kibble a day + cooked lunch or “Canidae Pure Meadow” – 409Kcals per cup, he gets around 1 & 1/2 – 2 cups kibble a day + something different for lunch + Green Lipped Mussels 1-2 a day.

    Read the Kcals per cupthe kibble formula you’re feeding it’s probably on bag of kibble or online on the 4Health site or email 4Health for any information & work out how many Kcals a day she should be eating & add cooked food on top, I know Patch should be eating around 1000Kcals a day but I feed a bit under now cause he’s a senior & yes add fresh ingredents to her kibble or separate as a meal, this will help put on weight..
    kibble swells up in the stomach makes you feel fuller so best to feed 3-4 smaller meals a day 7am, 12pm, 5pm 8pm so if you have a large breed dog best to feed a large breed kibble, they are formulated for large breed puppy or Adult large dog intestinal tract, (Bloat)
    My dog has IBD & does really well on a large breed kibble, the Kcals are lower 346kcals, the higher the Kcals the more dense is the kibble & they dont need to eat as much kibble…

    So maybe look for a higher Kcal per cup kibble? “Canidae” is higher in Kcals over 400Kcals so she only needs about 3-4 cups a day depending on formula?.

    The “Canidae All Life Stages Multi-protein” Formula is 468Kcals per cup your dog would only need 2-4 cups a day when a Puppy then when she’s a Adult she’s needs less around 2 cups per day depending on her breed??

    Cook – boiled potato or boil sweet potato pieces cool then freeze Sweet Potato freezes really well & thaws good & quickly or I put in micro wave 15sec to thaw, today for lunch I feed Patch 2 pieces of Sweet Potato mixed/mashed with cooked 2 scrambled eggs, I cooked egg in a non stick frying pan, I buy tin Salmon in spring water drain the water & add sweet potato, I feed 4-5 smaller meals a day you can buy a kibble machine that lets out the kibble amount you want thru the day, I give 1/2 a cup at certain times thru the day…
    Raw meaty bone would be excellent & gives her something to do all day chewing on a meaty bone from a butcher…
    Here’s 2 different Canine Calculator links it gives you a ruff idea how much dry kibble you should be feeding..

    https://petsci.co.uk/canine-calorie-calculator/ or


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    First is the 4health food you have her on a puppy formula? Second, at 40 lbs at only 4 months she sounds like she’s going to be a large breed dog so a large breed puppy food would be best. I always recommend wellness core puppy or wellness complete health large breed puppy. If she’s just big for her age instinct raw boost puppy is good for medium dog breeds.
    As for the cooking chicken and rice, I wouldn’t do that. At least don’t make it anymore than a treat. Chicken and rice isn’t a balanced meal and shouldn’t make up more than 10% of the puppies diet. A canned food like Merrick, instinct, wellness core would be acceptable and good quality and properly balanced for a dog. If you plan to make the canned more than 10% of the diet then a puppy canned food would be necessary for proper nutrition.

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    Tami M

    Since the vet is recommending putting weight on your pup try feeding Satin Balls with the kibble. It is a raw food diet. We use it whenever we need to put weight on a dog. It also makes their coats shine. You can google the recipe for it.

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    Tami M

    Here is a link for the recipe for the original Satin Balls used for weight gain.


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