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    Em R

    Hi all!

    My much loved 3 year old mini schnauzer had a bad seizure about 2 months ago. Blood tests etc came back normal, but he has since had two more seizures within the past 2 weeks.

    Of course we will look to get him on the medication recommended for epilepsy, but we also want to improve his diet dramatically, as it seems very coincidental that his seizures started within a week or two of putting him on Royal Canin dry food.

    Transitioning to a raw diet seems very overwhelming, and I don’t want to accidentally deprive him of any ingredients or overfeed him either (he is maybe a kilo or two overweight). I see petstock have the vets all natural complete mix which is to be mixed with cooked/raw meat… Does anyone know what this is like? I was thinking this with maybe one or two raw bones per week.

    Sorry about the long post!

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    Idiopathic seizures……sometimes there is no explanation. Keep the diet simple, avoid chemicals and junk. See what the vet recommends. I’d go with a quality kibble as a base. I’d skip the bones, been to the emergency place 2-3 times over the years, twice for GI blockage and another time for a broken tooth. All caused by feeding “raw meaty bones”.

    Don’t free feed if you want him to lose weight, feed measured amounts twice a day, pick up the food after 10 minutes if he doesn’t eat and store in the fridg, offer at the next mealtime.
    Have fresh water available, add a splash to his food if he’s not a drinker.
    Walk him for an hour a day, it may help decrease the frequency of seizures and aid with weight loss.
    Don’t be afraid of the medication, I had a peke who lived a long time on a low dose of phenobarbital. They can still have an occasional breakthrough seizure, but it is usually mild.

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    This was years ago but my dog had (idiopathic) seizures that started at the age of 9 months, he did well on a low dose of phenobarb and lived to be 14.

    He was never drowsy or had any side effects, the vets may have other medications they use now.
    I would consider asking your vet about treatment options, or have him refer you to a neurologist.

    Otherwise the dog suffers, it’s like a fire storm in the brain when they are experiencing a seizure. Uncontrolled seizures can cause more neurological damage…..

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    I forgot to mention, if your dog is diagnosed with a neurological disorder such as epilepsy.
    I would ask the vet if the dog is eligible for a rabies vaccine waiver.

    Note: The labels on rabies vaccines state that they are for “the vaccination of healthy cats, dogs…” There are medical conditions for which vaccination can jeopardize the life or well-being of an animal.

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    Em R

    Thanks for the feedback everyone 🙂

    I’ve changed his diet to raw food with some raw kangaroo mince and he’s loving it so far… It may not make a difference, but I feel better in myself making more of an effort with his food. I will also make an effort to increase our walking time together.

    He’s also heading back to the Vets where I assume they’ll put him on medication.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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    You are welcome. The old rule of thumb was, if the seizures are severe or occurring more than once a month, the veterinarian would recommend medication.
    I would work closely with your vet, after your dog gets his weight down and has been stable (no seizures) for a few months you may be able to try a trial period off meds, if your vet agrees. I tried this with my dog, but the seizures always returned. He still had a good life though.
    Best of luck

    PS: I’m sure your vet has thought of this. But by chance did your dog recently start any new medication, flea/tick preventive, heartworm preventive? Exposure to lawn pesticides/chemicals? Just looking for possible triggers….

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