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    Our dog had severe liver issues and the doctors did not have a clue why. The counts were way over where they should be and he had anemia as well. We thought he was going to pass, no energy, slept all day, wouldn’t eat. Then I started researching. I read about Milk Thistle for people and found it also helped dogs. Checked with my vet and they agreed I should give it a try. After 5 days, a huge improvement! It is by Apawthocary and is in liquid form. Twenty drops once a day on food is all it took. Online they swore it would perform miracles and it did! Our dog is back to healthy counts, healthy weight and playing like a puppy (11 years old). It is now a daily part of the diet.

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    Debra E

    Recommend you supplement with STANDARD PROCESS Hepatic Support (per my holistic vet and Western vet). My 16 yr. old Maltese has done wonders with both.

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